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Tour for Gods of Merlin by Priya Ardis (Spotlight, excerpt, review, and GIVEAWAY) GFT


 Priya Ardis


GENRE: YA Fantasy Paranormal




Foster kid and occasional shoplifter Eowlyn Patience just wants to fit into her Boston high school. When the Sword In The Stone falls out of the sky like a meteor into the middle of London’s Trafalgar Square, everything changes. Then, an enigmatic golden-eyed man arranges for her to attend a school for the gifted in England, and the irritatingly perfect Matt Emrys from science class turns out to be Merlin—the Merlin, King Arthur’s greatest wizard.

Frozen in a cave for fifteen hundred years, Merlin has woken to find the next Arthur. Eowlyn Patience’s mysterious admittance to Avalon Preparatory was not something he foresaw…a disturbing aberration when his most powerful gift happens to be visions of the future.

The race to find the rightful heir rages between deadly gargoyles, wizards, and Regulars, but figuring out the troubled Eowlyn might be by-the-book Merlin’s hardest job yet. She’s altogether the wrong girl. Torn between what is right and what saves lives, will Eowlyn do what it takes to win—even if it means sacrificing Merlin to a god?



A gorgeous underwear-model of a man in a black suit cleaned his sword with a tissue. He threw the bloodied rag on top of the half-man, half-beast. I tensed as he reached inside his coat pocket, but he only took out a clipboard and black sunglasses. He put the sunglasses on. “Eowlyn Patience?”

A little dumbstruck, I nodded at the beautiful killer with blood on his face.

“Pretty name.” He smiled wistfully. “I once knew an Eowlyn.”

The comment knocked me out of my trance. “No one has ever heard of the name Eowlyn.”

He shrugged. “Surprise. Now, you have met me.”

I put my hands on my hips. “What do you want?”

He gave me an amused smile. “I will be your driver today. Don’t forget to grab your bags. We should leave now before you have any more visitors.”

I pointed to the corpse on the floor. “I am not going anywhere with you, serial killer.”

“Is that so? Let me be clear—I just saved your life. More hunters will be coming.” Black-Suit tucked a pencil behind his ear and the clipboard under his elbow. He stepped to the side and pointed at an idling black luxury sedan. “I’ll be waiting in the car. For when you change your mind.”

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AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Priya Ardis loves books of all kinds--but especially the ones which make your nose leak and let your chai go cold. Her novels come from a childhood of playing too much She-Ra and watching too much Spock. Her bestselling series, My Boyfriend Merlin, about Merlin going to high school is a YA contemporary fantasy and romance for those like road trips, wizards, Greek gods, and gender-bent quests.

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 My review:

3.75 out of 5 stars

Gods of Merlin by Priya Ardis is a young adult fantasy story that introduces the series of the same name. Eowlyn Patience has finally found a foster family that she is comfortable with, but she still doesn’t quite fit in with her peers at school. When she is forcibly recruited to join a quest that takes her to a magic school in England, she discovers that some of her classmates have more in common with her than she realized. Unfortunately, there are many forces at work, and discovering her connection to the stuff of legends embroils her in a struggle for the legendary sword Excalibur while trying to stay alive. Identifying foes and allies is virtually impossible when nobody is who they seem and she doesn’t even know why she’s in the middle of a world-changing conflict.

This engaging story was a nice twist on Arthurian legends, bringing many of the major characters into modern situations but keeping a magical twist to their trials. The hints of interference by gods from mythology add an intriguing dimension, and I hope subsequent stories in the series untangle some of the dangling threads that were established in this story. There are teen angst issues alluded to, including the awkward dance of attraction complicated by sibling (however old they may be) rivalry, and it was difficult for me to establish a connection to any of the characters at first, but that gradually changed.

I think it can be difficult to start a series because there are so many details that have to be established, but I’d like a little more depth to the characters so that I have a better idea of their motivations. There is apparently another series that came before this one, so it is possible that a lot of the backstory was presented in those books.

Those who enjoy magic or tales of King Arthur and young adult fantasy stories should give this a try and get to know these remarkable youngsters.

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The Scientist and the Supermodel by Tara Lain (spotlight) ADULT title

(Genetic Attraction Series, Bk 1)
ADULT title
Tara Lain


Scientist Jake Martin knows a lot about genetics but very little about himself. He tries to forget the sex he had with a guy, even though women barely do it for him. Still, he’s sure he’d be happy if he could just have his research partner, the brilliant Emmaline Silvay, but she’s older, smarter than anyone, and his boss.

Then in a dark bar, Jake comes face-to-face with supermodel Roan Black, “the most beautiful man in the world”. Jake can’t resist the gorgeous, androgynous guy, but Roan won’t accept Jake’s self-deception. Jake has to admit that it’s a man he wants and Roan in particular, or there won’t be a future for a PhD scientist who refuses to see the truth and a high school dropout whose eyesight is 20/20.

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About the Author

Tara Lain believes in happy ever afters – and magic. Same thing. In fact, she says, she doesn’t believe, she knows. Tara shares this passion in her best-selling stories that star her unique, charismatic heroes — the beautiful boys of romance —  and adventurous heroines. Quarterbacks and cops, werewolves and witches, blue collar or billionaires, Tara’s characters, readers say, love deeply, resolve seemingly insurmountable differences, and ultimately live their lives authentically. After many years living in southern California, Tara, her soulmate honey and her soulmate dog decided they wanted less cars and more trees, prompting a move to Ashland, Oregon where Tara’s creating new stories and loving living in a small town with big culture. Likely a Gryffindor but possessed of Parseltongue, Tara loves animals of all kinds, diversity, open minds, coconut crunch ice cream from Zoeys, and her readers. She also loves to hear from you.   

You can find Tara at Lain

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A Company of Monsters by Shami Stovall (Spotlight, excerpt, review, and GIVEAWAY) GFT

by Shami Stovall


GENRE:   Fantasy



The year is 1917, and the Russian Empire is on verge of collapse.

Florence Cavell—codename Geist—takes her special forces team of sorcerers into allied territory in an effort to hunt down spies and keep the Russian royals alive. If the Russian Empire falls, the Germans and Austro-Hungarians will turn their full attention to France and Britain. That can't be allowed to happen.

Unfortunately for Geist, the enemy has sent the Eyes of the Kaiser, specialists who hunt and destroy sorcerers. And they came prepared to eliminate not only the Russian royalty, but the Ethereal Squadron as well.

Praise for Ethereal Squadron:
"In tense, precise prose that skillfully conveys detailed descriptions, Stovall delivers this engrossing story of fantasy adventure with utmost precision. The Ethereal Squadron's riveting fantasy world will fuel readers' imaginations and leave them crave for the next book in the sequel."
- The Prairies Book Review




Geist made an art of stealth.
She slipped through the moonlight shadows around the Watson Manor House, keeping to the grass to stifle the sounds of her steps. Cloaked in invisibility, she made her way across the vast front yard. Her sorcery—specter sorcery—gave her all the power and versatility of a ghost.
Geist. German for ghost. The magics in her blood had defined her codename.

Once she reached the west wall of the manor, Geist peered in through the nearest window. No lamps. No electric lights. And the crescent moon didn’t help with visibility. Despite those limitations, Geist took in a deep breath and calmed herself. Specter sorcery gave her the portfolio of a ghost, but apex sorcery gave her all the superhuman abilities of a peerless predator. Like any jungle cat, she saw through the dim lighting, her vision perfect and unobscured by darkness.

The Watson Manor House, built in 1837, had all the posh and luxury of a grand palace. The ceilings were carved into twisting, vine-like designs, the marble tiles were arranged to create smoke patterns, and massive paintings adorned every wall. Most notable were the bronze, iron, and steel statues of people long since dead. A statue for every corner of the room.

Although it was midnight, someone should’ve been awake and walking the manor—house staff who tended to the fireplaces or groundskeepers going about their duties while the lord slept.

Instead, the chimneys were cold and the estate as quiet as a graveyard.

With enough focus, Geist stepped through the manor wall, her body, Springfield rifle, and uniform incorporeal until she reached the other side. A shiver ran down her spine as she released the magic. A twisted scar on her wrist burned afterward—a souvenir she had acquired in the German trenches. Unlike a knife or bullet scar, the waxy sheen on her wrist represented damage on a magical level. She pulled her sleeve down to hide it and suppressed the terrible memories associated with the event.

Only fools trip on what’s behind them, Geist thought as she examined the dusty dining table and china cabinets. No one had used either in some time.

Geist snuck across the room and into the nearby hallway.

The Watsons were sorcerers with an unusual sorcery—they could shape metal as if it were malleable clay, and while most Watsons used it for artistry, as evidenced by their many ornate statues, some used the magic for crafting weapons. They had provided specialty equipment for the Allies, outfitting soldier sorcerers in the Ethereal Squadron.

But no one had heard from them in weeks. No letters. No shipments. Not even the nearby town of St. Peter Port had any information. The Watsons allowed their servants to live on their property, and the deliverymen couldn’t get past the gate. Their sudden seclusion baffled everyone.

Which was why Geist had been sent. She needed to investigate their disappearance and report back to the Ethereal Squadron in Verdun.

Please let me find someone here, Geist thought. Anyone.

The wood floor threatened to creak if Geist became careless. She took her time and tiptoed through the dark atmosphere of the Watson Manor House. The shadows of the copper statues created human silhouettes on walls, and while a civilian might feel terror for the unknown, Geist had been through hell and back.

She chuckled to herself. I’m the thing lurking in the darkness that men fear.

After slinking through the foyer and making her way upstairs, Geist slowed and crouched close to the ground, hoping to find signs of a struggle. Sure enough, when she came to the bedrooms, she found the hallway carpets disturbed and upturned at the edges. Instead of opening the doors and potentially alerting someone to her presence, Geist ghosted through the wood, maintaining her invisibility and becoming incorporeal.

A child’s bedroom.

It took Geist a few moments to take in all the details. Stuffed animals. Dolls. Blocks stacked into a house-like shape. She caught her breath when she examined the bed.

Pink sheets and a white comforter were twisted around the pale corpse of an eight year old. Geist walked over, her teeth gritted. Apex sorcery heightened all her senses. When she strained her ears, she couldn’t hear shallow breaths, or even a heartbeat.

Geist touched the skin of the corpse and recoiled. The icy chill of death unnerved her more than the thought of battlefields and combat. The child had died long ago.

She unrolled the body from the sheets. Her hands shook as she pulled back the collar of the child’s dress. Deep puncture wounds over the jugulars told a terrible story of a slow death, and the bruises on the arms screamed struggle and terror. But there wasn’t any blood. None on the dress. None on the sheets.

None left to coagulate in the body.

Geist didn’t look at the corpse’s face. Instead, she covered the body once she had concluded her examination, determined to give the little girl dignity, even if she wasn’t alive to appreciate it.

After a brief moment to steady her breathing, Geist made her way to the next bedroom. A little boy, two years younger than the girl, sat atop his bed in a similar fashion. Cold to the touch and drained of all blood. Nothing but a husk of his former self and shriveled from decay.

The next room was the same. A small child, barely able to walk. The master bedroom, on the other hand, had two corpses, but the room itself had been twisted with bits of metal—even the iron bars over the windows and copper bedframe were warped. Had a fight broken out? Geist took note of the destruction, especially the shattered vase and bullet holes in the wall. One of the corpses held a gun.

With her heart pounding in her chest, Geist made her way back downstairs. War took its toll on everyone, but nothing stung more than seeing defenseless children wrapped up in the violence. She entered the servants’ quarters and gagged on the strong copper scent that wafted out.

Ten men and women lay in the corner of the room, their necks slashed, their clothes and beds black with dried blood. The whole room screamed massacre. If there had been a struggle, Geist couldn’t detect it, which meant fiends had slipped into the sleeping quarters, cut their throats without any of the other servants waking, and then stacked them in the corner.

Sorcerers were far stronger than the average man, and the trained soldiers who fought in the war were far scarier than anything else. The servants never stood a chance, even if they had been awake.
Geist exited the room and searched the rest of the house, her frustration turning to poison in her system without an outlet. Someone should pay for this. A man of honor would never have participated in such a slaughter.                         

Her findings were what she had feared—every Watson sorcerer had been drained of blood while every civilian in their employ had been murdered.

Geist exited the house, her concentration wavering. With each disturbing thought, her invisibility slipped. She walked down the main road of the house, confident the murderers had left the manor days prior.

Two members of the Ethereal Squadron awaited her at the gates. Even without her apex sorcery to see through the shroud of darkness, Geist knew them by mannerisms alone. One fidgeted with his belt and backpack while the other stood perfectly still, coiled to strike like only trained killers could.

“Geist?” the fidgety one called out. “Thank goodness you came back.”

“What did I tell you?” the other growled. “Of course she would return.”

“She was gone for over ten minutes. That’s longer than her average whenever she goes to investigate.”

“I’m fine,” Geist said with a single chuckle. “You fuss too much, Battery.”

Battery stepped out into the moonlight, his khaki British uniform a sight for sore eyes. He stood the same height as Geist, shorter than most in the Allied forces, but not by much. His youthful facial features and lack of definition hinted at his age. Despite his lack of stature, he stood straight and offered her a smile.

“I’m sorry I doubted,” he said. “But I couldn’t imagine this war without you. Who would lead our team?”

The second soldier scoffed. “She can handle herself. And if anything had gone wrong, I would’ve stepped in to kill it.”

He stepped out to stand next to Battery, a cold glare set on his face as though it were tattoo—permanent and stark. Even if he had an unwelcoming demeanor, Geist still smiled upon seeming him.

Vergess. A German defector to the United States, and one of her most trusted teammates. He wore the drab olive uniform of the American soldiers, complete with a 48-star American flag. While the United States hadn’t officially joined the war efforts, sorcerers weren’t bound by the same restrictions as the average man. Many volunteered for the Ethereal Squadron and were accepted into the ranks after agreeing to follow the instructions of British and French commanders.

“Wie geht es dir?” Vergess asked, his German smooth and natural.

“I’m fine,” Geist replied and with an exhale. “But the Watsons aren’t as lucky.”

Battery shot Vergess a sidelong glance. “I knew it. You were worried about her.” Then he turned back to Geist. “Well, I came prepared. If the Watsons are dead, we should use the camera to record the evidence. It’ll take me a few minutes to set up, but I understand how to use it.”

“Didn’t you set a camera on fire back at the base?” Vergess asked with a chuckle.

“Th-that’s not accurate! Tinker played a trick on me!” Battery straightened the straps of his backpack. “Besides, I read the instruction manual and trained with the cameramen of the 87th regiment. I’m a professional now.”

Battery’s huge backpack carried a giant box made of mahogany wood and steel hinges. He kept the tripod strapped to the outside. The entire getup appeared cumbersome, and the straps of the backpack dug deep into Battery’s shoulders.

Geist didn’t understand cameras. All the reporters said this would be the first war truly captured in detail, yet they never explained how. Their boxes of lights and pictures confused everyone. It wasn’t magic—Geist could understand magic—yet their photographs took still images of reality and made them permanent.

“There are corpses in all the bedrooms,” Geist whispered. “And the servants are dead in their quarters. If you want photographs, make it quick. All the sorcerers were drained of their blood.”

Both Vergess and Battery tensed, their eyes going wide.

“You think Abomination Soldiers targeted them?” Vergess asked.


They all knew why.

Before the Great War, sorcerers could only develop magic that was in their bloodline. But after the war started—once the Germans and the Austro-Hungarians began fiddling with technologies never thought of—they developed Grave-Maker Gas. It melted flesh together at a baser level, creating deformed monsters of multiple people or animals. They used the gas to melt blood into their bodies in order to steal the magics from other sorcerers.

And now they were collecting rare samples.

Geist’s mouth tasted of cotton.

“Major Reese needs to know about this,” Battery said. He hustled past Geist and headed toward the Watson Manor House. “I’ll be done soon.”

Vergess shook his head. “I can’t believe they’re acting this fast. Especially after we destroyed their stores of gas during the assault on Paris. Do they really have more?”

“Maybe they’re just collecting blood for once they have it,” Geist muttered. “Either way, we need to stay on guard. If they catch any of us, they’ll drain us dry.”

Even muttering the phrase they’ll drain us dry sent a shiver down her spine. She knew the enemy wouldn’t hesitate, considering her father and ex-fiancĂ© were top military officers. They had both tried to kill her in the past, and she didn’t see why they would stop now that they had a way to steal her specter and apex sorcery.

Geist glanced back at Battery. He came from a long line of sorcerers with rare magic. And not just one magic, but untold numbers. Would he be a target? The thought lingered in her mind for a prolonged moment.

“Stay with him,” Geist commanded, “while he takes his photos. I’ll go to the port and make sure our ship is ready to take us back to Le Havre.”

Vergess replied with a curt nod.

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AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Shami Stovall grew up in California’s central valley with a single mother and little brother. Despite no one in her family earning a degree higher than a GED, she put herself through college (earning a BA in History), and then continued on to law school where she obtained her Juris Doctorate.
As a child, Stovall’s favorite novel was Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O’Dell. The adventure on a deserted island opened her mind to ideas and realities she had never given thought before—and it was at that moment Stovall realized story telling (specifically fiction) became her passion. Anything that told a story, be it a movie, book, video game or comic, she had to experience. Now, as a professor and author, Stovall wants to add her voice to the myriad of stories in the world and she hopes you enjoy. 

You can contact her at the following addresses.

Twitter: @GameOverStation



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My review:


3.75 out of 5 stars

A Company of Monsters by Shami Stovall is the second book in the ‘Ethereal Squadron/The Sorcerers of Verdun’ series that features a group of sorcerers, led by the intrepid person with the codename and abilities of Geist (a ghost), who comprise a special forces team fighting during World War I. Their journey across Russia to warn the great houses of sorcery that they are being hunted by the enemy is fraught with danger and potential betrayal.

This historical urban fantasy provides an alternate view of a dark period of history. Definitely not for the faint of heart, the adventures of this very unusual group test their control of their abilities as well as their loyalty. Not only are some of the villains horrendous in appearance and actions, but their abilities facilitate carnage and destruction.

It was fascinating to see historical events through the prism of magic that is a significant factor in many of the battles, and I think the author did a good job of bringing the struggles to life. I was a bit lost because I wasn’t familiar with this series, so it was a bit overwhelming to absorb so much information about these folks and their abilities as well as the arcane abilities of their foes. I had a hard time relating to the members of the strike force at first, but their struggles and interactions drew me into the story as tensions continued to rise. I do find it a little farfetched that they would be operating in a country where none of them speak the language without having found a way to communicate that did not depend on one person, and I’m still a little puzzled about the powers displayed by some of the villains, but some of the revelations were intriguing.

Those who enjoy historical battles and alternate history will probably enjoy the twists and turns of this imaginative story. Be advised that this is an ongoing series, so expect several dangling threads!

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Sweet Pepper Cajun by J. A. Jackson (VBB, excerpt, and GIVEAWAY) GFT

J.A. Jackson

Treat yourself to an exceptional value!
Great New recipes from that Southern Soulful Magnolia Table. Recipes for all your festive occasions! The Holidays are almost here! It’s time for Great Food, Fantastic Family Gatherings with our Best Friends!

Enjoy Southern Cornbread Dressing with your turkey, ham roast, beef, roast beef or vegan New Year’s Good Luck Long Noodle Cajun Pasta this year! Those recipes and more are here! Grab your copy today!


From soups, sandwiches, salads, and of course the main course, to cakes, made famous by Mamma and her friends, with recipes Mamma got from Grandmamma.

Here you’ll find recipes for welcoming family and friends into your home whether they cornered you by just dropping by or they were invited. Make all their visits more pleasurable with recipes from the heart. Here you’ll find not just recipes for lunch, brunch, and Feasts from Thanksgiving to New Year’s, but quick easy make-ahead sides and appetizers. It’s that time of the season to cook from the heart with love. Inside you’ll find breakfast favorites, and complete dinner menus, plus taste-tempting decadent desserts that aim to please.



It’s Time For Family & Friends!

Come join us, grab a seat, fill a bowl, and take a taste of our scrumptious food. We believe food is our common ground and in flavor do we trust! Any Season!

There’s an old saying… “Good friends are so very hard to find, and I’m am so grateful that you are mine.” This is for you… All of my friends. Thank you.


Southern Yellow Mustard Potato Salad!

•Prep Time 10 mins
•Total Time 40 mins


•3 pounds boiled potatoes peeled and cubed
•6 boiled eggs chopped
•1 medium onion minced
•½ cup finely chopped green bell pepper
•½ cup finely chopped celery
•4 medium dill pickles diced
•¾ cup mayonnaise
•1/2 cup yellow mustard
•1/4 Slap Ya Mamma Cajun seasoning (season to taste)
•¼ teaspoon ground black pepper (optional)


Combine all Ingredients together and mix until well-combined and creamy. Add more mayonnaise and mustard depending on tastes. Refrigerate! Keep products made with mayonnaise chilled at all times.

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About the Author:
J.A. Jackson is the pseudonym for an author, who loves to write deliciously sultry adult romantic, suspenseful, entertaining novels with a unique twist. She lives in an enchanted little house she calls home in the Northern California foothills.

She spent over ten years working in the non-profit sector where she wrote grants, press releases and contributed many stories to their newsletter. She was their Newsletter editor for over ten years. She loves growing roses, a good pot of hot tea, chocolate, magical stories, suspense stories, ghost stories, and reading Jane Austen again and again in her past time.

Please write her at P.O. Box 1494, Clovis, CA 93613

Email Address: or

Social Media: 

Author Central



This post is part of a virtual book tour organized by Goddess Fish Promotions. J. A. Jackson will be awarding a $15 Amazon/BN GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour and a Kindle ebook copy of her cookbook to 8 randomly selected winners. Click on the tour banner to see the other stops on the tour.

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The Power of Love by Kemberlee Shortland (Spotlight, excerpt, review, and GIVEAWAY) GFT


Kemberlee Shortland


GENRE: Contemporary Romance



When Elaine Donovan discovers she's pregnant, she hesitates telling her husband, Ethan. They're newlyweds and plan to wait until they're ready to start a family. Ethan surprises her by accepting early parenthood, embracing the idea more fully than either of them expects.

When they receive bad news after a prenatal exam, both must face that their charmed lives are about to come crashing down around them.

Do Christmas wishes really come true? Elaine is staking her life on it!



He’d practically killed himself getting to the hospital.

When Ethan got the call saying Elaine had collapsed at work, he panicked and dropped everything to get to her side. He still had not been allowed to see her, as she was still undergoing tests, so he waited in the private room he had made sure their health insurance covered.

A moment later, his pacing was interrupted when the door pushed open and Elaine was wheeled in on a gurney. Assistants helped her into bed then the nurse made her comfortable, all the while his heart pumped hard in his chest, stealing his breath. Elaine looked pale and groggy. He wondered if she even knew he was in the room.
Then he was alone with his wife. She lay so still. The rise under the covers told him she had not lost their baby, but his chest tightened anyway, fear pumping acid-like blood though his body at a fierce rate.

“Are you going to stand there all day?” Her voice was thready, her eyes just barely open. She tried lifting her hand off the bed to beckon him over but only managed a finger.

The book is only $0.99 for a limited time.(please check price before purchasing)


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Kemberlee Shortland is a native Northern Californian who grew up in Carmel, a community founded by artists and writers, including John Steinbeck, George Sterling, and Jack London.

Over the years, Kemberlee has worked with several Carmel notables, including Doris Day, Kim Novak, and Joan Fontaine. It was in 1997, she left the employ of Clint Eastwood to live in Ireland for six months. It was during this time she met the man she would marry, and permanently relocated to live in Ireland.

While always writing since a very young age, Kemberlee earned her keep for fifteen years as one of Ireland's foremost travel consultants, and also wrote travel articles about Ireland. In 2005, she saw the publication of her first romance sell, and to date, she has thirteen published titles to her name, including the best-selling Irish Pride Series. Her most recent release is Slaughteredwriting as KA Lugo.



3.75 out of 5 stars

The Power of Love by Kemberlee Shortland follows Elaine and Ethan O’Donovan through the first year of their marriage as they deal with major life changes that will challenge their blissful relationship.

This contemporary romance short story with fantasy elements is a beautiful celebration of love—both the passionate love shared by a husband and wife but also that of a parent for a child. Although the story moves quickly and there are a couple of places that require suspension of disbelief, there is beautiful emotionalism (and the need for a tissue or two) and a lovely connection to the Christmas season. A quick heartwarming read.

A copy was provided for review