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Dragon Dreams and Fairy Wings by Bailey Bradford (Spotlight, excerpt, review, and giveaway) IM ADULT title

Dragon Dreams and Fairy Wings 

ADULT title


Bailey Bradford

General Release Date: 26th January 2021

Word Count: 58,252
Book Length: NOVEL
Pages: 252





Book Description:

When one fairy with a faulty memory meets a snarky dragon, the supernatural world will never be the same.

Griff was born a Love fairy, but he never quite fitted in. He didn’t want to be part of a harem…at least he didn’t think so. What with his wings gone and his memory damaged, he can’t be certain of what he felt in the past. All he does know is he wants his wings back. Without them, he’s grounded.

Blaze is a dragon shifter who tends to stick his foot in his mouth—and some other parts in other places—when he really shouldn’t. His brother’s the king, and his sister-in-law is scary. Blaze’s last screw-up got him grounded, unable to shift into his dragon form. His punishment seems harsh to him, but there's no escaping it.

When the Love fairies come to the castle to work on forming an alliance, Blaze has about had it with guarding the horny beings, and he's disappointed that they don’t stay small and cute. Swatting at something buzzing him, he almost starts an inter-species war when it turns out to be a fairy on a dragonfly.

And from that snarky first meeting between Griff and Blaze, something wonderful, and dangerous, will come…

Publisher's Note: This book was previously released elsewhere. It has been revised and reedited for re-release with Pride Publishing.


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Blaze rubbed his shoulder where it still ached. He’d been lucky the whip had only caught him a glancing blow, otherwise he’d really be in pain.

Of course, even being whipped would be better than his punishment of not being allowed to fly. Or shift. Being stuck in the puny human form and dependent on two scrawny legs just sucked troll balls.

That imagery almost made Blaze gag. Trolls smelled really bad, worse than the dragon dumping grounds—and if anyone needed an explanation for what that area was, they didn’t have a nose.

Plus, trolls were ugly. It was part of them being trolls and all. They also tended to have large, pendulous balls that swung down close to their ankles.

Blaze did gag then, pressing a hand against his stomach. He had to get his mind out of the troll gutter.

“Hey, freak, heard you got your powers taken away, all for a piece of ass.”

Blaze glared at Bort. “Oh, yeah. Your dad wasn’t worth it.”

“My—” Bort’s eyes glowed red, and smoke gusted from his nostrils. “I’ll bake you, you fucking freak!”

Blaze kept his trembling inside. He’d learned not to show any fear to bullies. “Go ahead. King Fyre will be thrilled with you. You’ll look great on a spit.”

“You think just ’cause your brother’s the king means…”

Blaze arched an eyebrow at Bort—which he knew looked cool, because he’d practiced it until he had it perfected and he knew how awesome that one arched eyebrow thing was. “It pretty much means he’ll toast you if you lay a hand on me.”

The only reason the guy who’d hit Blaze with a whip wasn’t dead was because Blaze had kind of deserved it. Kind of, because he hadn’t known Valdez was married to another man. Otherwise, Blaze wouldn’t have fucked him. Probably. Blaze’s morals were questionable at times, but only because he was so desperate for someone to touch him.

“Right, whatever,” Bort drawled. “You’ll probably cook yourself anyway and save all the good dragons the trouble. Crazy Blazy.” He cackled and flipped Blaze off with both hands.

Probably with his toes, too, but Blaze didn’t think to check. Instead he watched enviously as Bort shifted into a gorgeous teal and gold dragon.

Bort blew a stream of fire right past Blaze’s head, then flapped his mighty wings and flew off. A rancid scent lingered in the air.

Blaze sighed and touched his hair that Bort had just singed. Everyone was going to think he’d done that to himself—again. Even though he was grounded, assumptions would be made that he’d done something stupid to burn his own hair, and rumors would fly. He’d have to worry about that later, if at all. Right now, he had to deal with a bully. Blaze really missed being able to shoot flames.

It was true that he couldn’t control his fire, and he could be dangerous. He hadn’t killed anyone on accident, yet, though. “Sheesh.” Blaze sniffed and fanned the air around him. It was no use. The smell was on his head. He could fan all day, and it wouldn’t make any difference.

Resigned to walking all the way back to his nest—which meant heading through the center of the dragon city, since he could no longer fly—Blaze prepared himself for the looks and murmurs. People would be talking about him more than usual today. He ought to be used to such stuff, but the truth was, it always hurt.

Even so, when he heard the buzz of conversations around him, Blaze held his head up high, despite the burnt hair. He hoped everyone gossiping about him got a snoot full of the noxious odor.

* * * *

“Where did I put my shoes?” Griff fluttered as much as a fairy without wings could as he looked for his soft purple shoes. Surprisingly, he could flutter a lot, although that translated into gestures with his hands and much twitching on his behalf.

“Did Egregio eat them?” Gia asked, hovering above him.

Griff glared at her. “Could you maybe not do that? I already feel like a complete loser without my wings.” Who knew they could be knocked off you? Griff hadn’t, and it’d come as a shock to the other fairies in his frolic. Of course, Love fairies weren’t exactly brainiacs. They were more into the sensual than the mental. For brains, people looked to the Genius fairies, though good luck to anyone wanting help from those snobs. They didn’t speak to anyone with an IQ under one-sixty—which left out most of the magic world.

“Sorry.” Gia floated down and grimaced. “Ick. How can you tolerate standing all the time? My legs don’t like it. It’s work. It’s so much easier to fly, or—” She smirked.

“Don’t go there.” Griff knew his own kind through and through. As a Love fairy, he shouldn’t be bothered by hearing about his sister’s sexual escapades. Maybe he was just jealous. “Keep your sordid stories to yourself.”

Gia crossed her eyes at him. “Please. How did a prude get hatched into our frolic?”

“I’ve asked myself that a thousand times,” Griff muttered. “Aha!”

“Aha what?”

Griff knelt and stuck his hand under his bed, then reached farther. “I swear to the gods, Egregio, if you bite me, I will feed you to the dragons.”

“Rawr!” It sounded more like a whine than not.

Griff ducked his head and looked at the catterwaul under his bed. Much like the human-world cat except with two legs and large, hairy toes, and fangs the size of Griff’s index fingers, the beast was rather fierce-looking.

“I’m not joking. Last time you bit me, it got infected. You’re lucky I didn’t toss you out then.”

Beady red eyes glowed at him. “Rawr rawr rawr.”

“Yeah, you’re sorry now.” Griff wiggled his fingers. “Give me my shoes.”

The purple shoes were tossed at him while Egregio continued to vocalize.

“I know, I know, they’re pretty. That’s why I like them, too. Now if you’re good, and you keep the dung beetles away for a whole week, I’ll see about getting you your own shoes.” Catterwauls were great to have as long as they were loyal. Sometimes they forgot that, though.

A few more rawrs and Griff was pretty sure he had his catterwaul vowing to fight off the shiny green beetles that migrated through the area on the way to the dragon dumping grounds. Griff hoped so. The buzz of beetle wings always left him with serious headaches as well as memories of the worst time in his life.

“Okay, got my shoes on, Gia. Now we can go…” Griff spun around, looking for his sister, but no. She had left the mushroom’s interior at some point. “Great. Great! Now how am I going to find my way to where my wings might be?”

Griff couldn’t remember things like he should have been able to. The hit he’d taken from a human’s fly swatter had cracked his skull, knocked off his wings and almost killed him. His memory hadn’t been right ever since, but he was lucky to even be alive.

Although the term lucky was relative. If he couldn’t find his wings, what point would there be to life?

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About the Author

Bailey Bradford

A native Texan, Bailey spends her days spinning stories around in her head, which has contributed to more than one incident of tripping over her own feet. Evenings are reserved for pounding away at the keyboard, as are early morning hours. Sleep? Doesn't happen much. Writing is too much fun, and there are too many characters bouncing about, tapping on Bailey's brain demanding to be let out.

Caffeine and chocolate are permanent fixtures in Bailey's office and are never far from hand at any given time. Removing either of those necessities from Bailey's presence can result in what is known as A Very, Very Scary Bailey and is not advised under any circumstances.

You can follow Bailey on Facebook here and Twitter here.




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My review:

3.75 stars


Dragon Dreams and Fairy Wings by Bailey Bradford is the first book in the ‘Fire & Flutter’ series, and centers around dragon shifter Blaze, who is being punished by being confined to his human shape, and Love fairy Griff, who has inexplicably lost his wings and his memory. Their relationship starts off a little rocky when Blaze almost kills Griff, but things can only go up from there, right?


This adult gay fantasy romance has two damaged but lovable heroes who find each other and go on a heroic quest that becomes far more important than either anticipates. I love the awkwardness (talk about a dangerous first meeting, lol), and the growing attraction that heats up (literally and figuratively) is fun to watch.


For me, the world-building is a little light, and some of the adventures and new folks who show up need more depth, but I understand that this is the beginning of the series, so undoubtedly subsequent stories will flesh out things a little more. I love the unstinting support that the two main characters give to each other, and their humility that makes them even more attractive.


This is a fun, light story that explores the fated mate despite different species trope and underscores the importance of acceptance. I look forward to reading more in the series.



A copy of this title was provided for review


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African Violet propagation from a leaf


Oddly enough, some of my African violets are blooming right now. They're fairly old (probably 8+ years), and one of the benefits of the MIL's house (although she probably is not happy that I've taken over the table in her living room, lol) is the beautiful light she has in this room. The challenge is that it's well past time to repot these plants, although they are testament to the fact that these plants like to be crowded into small pots, because they are extremely top-heavy.

Those who know me are aware that I like plants that are small, and I'm delighted by the idea that enough genetic material in a single leaf is capable of starting a whole new plant...if you can keep the leaf alive long enough. However, once the plants are large...I like to find them a new home. Unfortunately, we are plagued by fungus gnats (from a set of plants someone gifted the MIL several years ago), so I don't feel comfortable giving anyone that headache along with a plant. If I ever find an experienced violet gardener, I will be happy to gift the plant without soil (the gnats lay their eggs in the topsoil) and let the new owner pot the plant.


Starting a new plant:

I used to fill a small jar with water, put plastic wrap over the top, cut a small x into the wrap in several places (I usually just stab it with a sharp knife), then break off a fairly mature violet leaf (keep the stem relatively long so it can sit in the water and make a sharp break or cut with a sharp knife), and watch it for several weeks. 

As long as the stem doesn't start rotting, roots start emerging from the end in the water. You can transplant to a pot with African violet soil or you can continue to watch until a fairly healthy cluster of leaves starts growing, then transplant. I try not to let the stem touch the bottom of the jar, so you may need to shorten the stem a little bit if that's an issue.



I've developed a modicum of patience (snicker, I'm the one who used to dig up seeds to see if anything was happening, lol), so now I go ahead and put the stems into loosely packed violet potting mix that I keep a little moist.

 Before the world went nuts, I had purchased a couple of bricks of coconut coir (which is theoretically more ecologically beneficial than using peat pots), so the most recent venture is shown using that potting medium. 

I always celebrate when I see those small leaves start to push up from the soil. Now I just have to be patient enough to let them grow sufficiently so that they don't go into shock when I transplant them into their new home.


The three parent leaves are large, and the baby plants are several months old (?maybe 5 months?)

I figure this is a fun way for folks with kids to teach them about nature. Once I get my pictures in order, I'll show how this can be done with succulents as well.

Stay safe!

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Hold On To Me by Sierra Cartwright (Spotlight and excerpt). ADULT title



Hold On To Me

Hawkeye, Book 4

ADULT title


Sierra Cartwright



Protecting people, safeguarding secrets...
For the men of Hawkeye, the line of duty between 
bodyguard and client isn’t meant to be crossed.

He was supposed to protect her, not fall in love.

Former Hawkeye operative Jacob Walker is no longer for sale…until he sees Elissa Conroy. He’s so captivated by her vulnerability that he can’t refuse one last mission. Determined to keep the fiery Irish woman safe from a madman’s quest for revenge, he’ll do whatever it takes—even protect her beautiful body twenty-four hours a day.

Elissa refuses to upend her life to be shuttered away like some damsel in distress. But when a secret from her past makes it clear she’s in danger, she finds herself thrown over the muscular shoulder of one very inflexible and admittedly smoking-hot alpha bodyguard and hustled to safety.

Alone at his secluded Colorado ranch, the lies are exposed and the tangled web of truth unleashes a terrifying danger—all wrapped in their complicated feelings for each other. Will they be forced to deny their growing love in order to survive?


He was supposed to protect her, not fall in love.

Meet your greatest downfall. The men of Hawkeye. Jacob

★★★★★ “…Intense, exciting, thrilling, mysterious, heartfelt, and exhilarating.” ~Bookbub Review





      “Let me be clear, Elissa…”

Despite herself, the way he said her name, gently curled around the sibilant sound, made her nerves tingle.

“Hawkeye made it my job to protect you, and he signed off on my plan.”

“Care to fill me in?”

“Yeah. We’ll go to my ranch until he gives the all-clear.”

Unnerved, she shivered. “Ranch?” That was worse than she could have imagined, and fresh panic set in. “I demand to talk to Hawkeye this instant.”

“You can take it up with him.”

“Now we’re getting somewhere. Let me get my phone out of my purse.” And figure out how to get in my car and drive like hell.

“Not until we’re on the road.” He looped his massive hands around her much smaller wrists and drew them behind her.

“Ouch! Release me immediately!”

Though he didn’t hurt her, his grip was uncompromising. “As soon as you agree to get in my truck without struggling.”

“Look, Mr.—” God. I don’t know your name. And like the asshole he was, he didn’t fill in the missing information.

“We’re done talking.”

She stamped her foot on his instep, and he didn’t even grunt, frustrating the hell out of her.

“Please get in my truck.”

Elissa turned her head, trying to see him over her shoulder. Because of his hat and the darkness of the moonless and cloud-filled sky, his expression was unreadable. “You can follow me to my place.” The lie easily rolled off her tongue. Anything to get away.

“Within the next five seconds, you’ll be given two options, Ms. Conroy. One, you can come with me willingly.”

“And the other?”

“You can come with me unwillingly.”

“Option C. None of the above.”

“Always going to do things the hard way?”

Since he was still holding her wrists, it was ridiculously easy for him to pry apart her fingers and take the fob from her.

“Has anyone ever told you that you’re annoying as hell?”

He remained implacable. “I have my orders.”


“Time’s up, ma’am.”

“Could you be any more condescending?”

“As I said, we can do this the hard way or the easy way. Your choice.”

Determinedly Elissa set her chin. “I’m not going with you.”

In a move so calculated and fast that she had no time to react, he took her purse from her, then yanked her around to face him. As if he’d done it a million times, he swept her off her feet, then hauled her into the air.

The Neanderthal tossed her over his shoulder, and she landed against his rigid body with so much force that breath rushed out of her lungs, stunning her into silence.

“The hard way it is.”


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Sierra Cartwright was born in England, and her early childhood was spent traipsing through castles and dreaming of happily-ever afters. She was raised in the Wild West and now lives in Galveston, Texas. She loves the beach and the artistic vibe of the island.

The international #1 best-selling author began writing books in elementary school, where her wonderful librarian "published" her first book, which was edited by her mum! Mum was very gentle when she told Sierra that baby was not spelled “babby.”

Sierra has one incredible daughter -- her "PA Extraordinaire" and right-hand lady.


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Witness to Slaughter by K.A. Lugo (Spotlight, excerpt, review, and GIVEAWAY) GFT ADULT title




Witness to Slaughter


 K.A. Lugo




GENRE: Thriller






Jack has coped through previous holidays, but this one feels different. It's been four years since he lost his family, and clues to finding those responsible have dried up. Hopelessness has him so tightly wound that he's often driven out of his claustrophobic apartment before the ever-present black dog of depression drags him to a place where there's no coming back from.


Jack wants to be left alone with his sorrow, but when he's offered double his fee by the wife of one of the city's most elite families, how can he refuse? She wants him to follow her husband, Franklin, as she suspects he's cheating and needs photos to get around the strict prenup. Franklin leads Jack across the city to The Majestic Lounge, the Castro District's most popular gay nightclub. By the time he finds Franklin, Jack is forced to break up a heated argument between him and club owner, Chad Lucas.


Lucas approaches Jack the following day, wanting to hire him for added security during the club's popular annual Drag Queen Extravaganza. The event's usual excitement is marred by the deaths of several of Lucas' friends that authorities are calling suicides. Lucas convinces Jack something more nefarious is going on and agrees to the job.


Does the city have another serial killer on its hands, one who's targeting the LGBTQ community? Can Jack find a witness? Surely in the crowded nightclub, someone must have seen something.





"I want you to follow my husband."


What had Leah said about the famous? It's unicorns and rainbows on the outside, baby. Inside, they're squirrels fighting in a sack.


Jack nearly chuckled as he gazed across the desk. With her classic beige pantsuit with matching pumps and wide-brimmed sun hat, and the oversized Louis Vuitton handbag, Ginnifer Whitney-Cummings emulated the epitome of classic fashion. Nothing screamed squirrels fighting in a sack, but he wondered why she wanted her husband followed.


And why him? If she suspected her husband was cheating on her, she certainly could afford an investigator who moved in her own circle.


As if reading his mind, she continued, "I know I must seem out of place . . . here." She quickly cast a heavily-mascaraed derisive gaze around the small room and settled on the sofa, which looked like someone had recently been sleeping there. He hadn't been expecting anyone so hadn't bothered to put the blanket and pillow in the backroom.


"You could say that."


She smiled but it didn't reach her eyes. "I'll get to the point. You're a man who can get the job done. That's what I need."


"There are many good investigators in the city who can get the job done. Why me?" He leaned back in the chair and wove his fingers over his abdomen.


"If rumors are correct, you did what the San Francisco Police Department couldn't. They sat on a serial killer and got nowhere. You solved the case within days."


"I got lucky."


"Luck or not, you accomplished in those few days what a whole department couldn't do in years, and who didn't even see fit to warn the public, I might add. Really, I have no idea why we continue to donate to police charities. Anyway, I need someone like you."


"Mrs. Whitney-Cu—"


"Ginnie. You'll be working for me, so there's no need to be so formal," she told him.


Jack cocked an eyebrow. "I haven't agreed to anything."


"You are. I'm paying double your normal fee."






AUTHOR Bio and Links:


K.A. Lugo is a native Northern Californian who was raised near San Francisco. In 1997 she left the employ of Clint Eastwood to live in Ireland for six months. It was during this time she met the man she would marry and relocated to live in Ireland. Since 2005, K.A. has published fourteen titles in genres including romantic suspense, erotic romance, cozy mystery, and now thrillers. Slaughtered was the first in the new highly acclaimed Jack Slaughter Thriller series.     



Find K.A. Online:















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My review:


4.5 out of 5 stars


Witness to Slaughter by K.A. Lugo follows bereaved former detective Jack Slaughter as he reluctantly takes a purportedly run-of-the mill case to follow a straying husband. The black depression that drags Slaughter down is temporarily distracted as his case continues to develop twists and turns, where nothing is quite what it seems on the surface and the body count continues to mount.



This intriguing mystery has great twists and turns even as it gives glimpses of the world of cross-dressing, drag contests, and the fascinating neighborhoods of San Francisco. The action starts immediately, and the reader is drawn into the gut-wrenching miasma that surrounds the main character, whose life is almost not worth living, given the tragedies he’s suffered. I was invested in the story and anxious to turn the page to see what would happen next. Although I haven’t yet read the first story in the Jack Slaughter Thrillers series, enough backstory was provided to give me reference. I still can’t wait to read it, and I look forward to reading more exciting stories by this author.



A copy of this title was provided for review.


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Pour Attitude by P.J. DeVere (VBT, guest post, excerpt, and GIVEAWAY) GFT ADULT

It's my pleasure to share a guest post by author P.J. DeVere, who answers my question:

ELF: What do you think is the strongest attraction about the genre(s) you like to write in?


PJD: Why do I like to write romance? That’s easy. It’s the butterflies. It’s the anticipation that zips all over your body in the seconds before the man you’ve wanted in so many ways leans down to give you a scorching kiss. Writing romance allows me to recreate this time after time, and I love it. I try to bottle that feeling and pour it on the page. I think romance writers have the best career, because we get to constantly experience new love (even if it’s just in our heads), and that is an intoxicating, powerful drug.


The romance genre consistently outsells all the other genres, and that is not by accident. The readers are avid and loyal. They take your characters into their lives and make them their friends and family, and they develop deep emotional connections. As an author, I can’t ask for a better audience to serve. 


Also, like many people, I have a stressful day job. I’m a prosecutor, and this is not a job in which you see the best in people. Some days I feel as if I’m trudging through the worst of what mankind has to offer. Writing romance gives me a counterbalance that helps with my sanity. I believe this is why many people love the romance genre so much. You get your happy ending. The world is not a pulsing cesspool in the hours your nose is in a romance book. Instead, even in the darker romances, there is hope and lust and love.   


Plus, romance can be anything. My romances have an element of suspense, mystery, comedy, and heart-wrenching emotion to go along with the sexy times. As a reader, I like how I can search out what heat level I want, whether I want to sear off the top layer of my eyeballs with the hot sex scenes on the page or maybe opt for more of a wholesome story. I don’t know of another genre that can be everything like the romance genre can.










Pour Attitude

by P.J. DeVere




GENRE:   Contemporary Romance






Madeline Everly wants to climb her muscular bartender like a mountain, but he seems opposed to the idea. After she starts working alongside him behind the bar, will he finally give into her?

When Madeline’s misogynistic boss, overbearing mother, and grudge holding sister become too much to bear, it’s time to let off a little steam. Mads has a wild streak, and she doesn’t apologize for it. She likes men, and she has her sights set on one in particular—Exel Kinley. If she can check him off her to-do list, maybe he won’t take up so much room in her head. As nothing in her life has ever been permanent, Mads has no problems going through men like she goes through gin and tonics at happy hour. Can she have the adventure she wants and the pleasure she craves, all from the same man?








“Got a new boyfriend to add to your collection?” Exel asks as he pours a drink for one of his customers. That’s the first voluntary thing he’s said to me tonight.


“That quota’s not going to fill itself. Why do you ask? Are you jealous?” I ask with a hand on my hip.


“At not being another notch in your bedpost? Nah.”


I don’t dignify that with a response. Instead, I turn and take more customers orders as they flood in. One of the women across the bar is specific as to what brand of vodka she wants in her Cosmo, so I scan our array of bottles on the wall behind me until I find it.


They don’t call it top shelf liquor for nothing, and it looks like I’m about to scale a wall. I get a good foothold on one of the lower shelves so I can swing a knee onto the slender countertop to climb up. I grab the bottle of Grey Goose which is now at eye level, and I’m contemplating my descent when strong hands grab my hips.


“Whoa!” I yell as Exel pulls me backwards off the counter and into his arms. I clutch the bottle of vodka to my chest as I fall into him, worrying about breaking the bottle and myself, but I don’t have to worry. He is in control of my fall as he brings his arms all the way around my waist to catch me. He puts my feet on the ground but holds me to him a moment or two longer than necessary.


“I would leave a pretty deep notch,” he whispers before releasing me from his hold and walking away like nothing ever happened.





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AUTHOR Bio and Links:



P.J. DeVere is the author of The Starkford Series. She was born and raised in Mississippi, where she is still a practicing attorney. A life-long lover of books, P.J. finds it hard to tear herself away from a steamy romance novel. She’s had multiple careers in her life, but writing is by far her favorite. Before earning her law degree from Ole Miss, she was a fifth-grade teacher. She has a bachelor’s degree in elementary education and a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction from Mississippi State. 

She is a wonderful wife, a terrible housekeeper, and a devoted mother. Her sons are all grown with lives of their own, and she is making use of this newfound time and freedom to get to know the imaginary friends in her head. She is giving readers a distinctly different view of life in the South as not everyone down here spits tobacco through a missing tooth hole or says “I declare” while lazily fanning herself under a magnolia tree. P.J. has found joy in creating a series of novels that reflects the Mississippi she knows and loves, and she hopes her readers will find the lure of returning to Starkford as irresistible as she does.



To learn more about P.J. please visit:













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