Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Erotica titles, please only read if you are over 18!

Stud by Cheryl Brooks was released today.  The Cat Star series is based around alien males (Zetithians) whose planet was destroyed by a jealous megalomaniac, causing the few survivors to be dispersed across the galaxy.  These beings are semi cat-like creatures that purr when happy, have cat-like pupils, pointed ears and long hair and are incredible lovers.  The various books follow the individuals who have utilized their skills to find different niches in life and this one centers on Tarq Zulveidione who has made it his mission to repopulate his race by traveling across the galaxy and impregnating willing females everywhere.  The books are unabashedly spicy and entertaining reads (and you should see the author's blog itself!) but this is the first one that I really felt such a strong rapport for the main character, perhaps because of his vulnerability due to his learning disability and his humility despite being such a sought after being.  Lucinda Force is also delightful as an ordinary female who can't believe that such a charismatic and sexy guy is interested in her and resonates with her gradual blossoming into a force in her own right as she revels in Tarq's attentions.  My Amazon review is at this link under ELF2060 and I ask that you click the 'yes' button if you like the review.

I received an ARC of this title in exchange for an honest review.

I also enjoyed Julia Erickson's Indulgent Pleasures which is a sexy contemporary romance.  The storyline is a little predictable but filled with steamy scenes and engaging characters whose vulnerability also bring complications to a no-strings affair as it gets more and more intense.  Everybody wishes for a knight in shining armor, even independent modern women!  A nice frothy romance!  My Amazon review is at this link

Finally, I like the Eden Bradley/Eve Berlin novels that I have read but am a little ambivalent aboutThe Breeder:  Wasteland, Book 3.  I am not a big fan of post apocalyptic books as I really like my HEA (happy ever after) endings but this short novella does have some mitigating elements.  I do take exception to the remarkably recuperative abilities displayed by the heroine and hero but the author does a nice job of world-building and creates an intriguing environment for her tale with plenty of room for expansion into other stories.  My Amazon review is at this link

I received these titles in a giveaway contest by the respective authors (thank you again!)

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  1. I love some of the erotica books out there right now. Great reviews, thanks for the heads up on these.