Thursday, October 5, 2017

The King's Own by W. Marshall (VBB, excerpt, and GIVEAWAY) GFT

by W. Marshall


GENRE: Low Fantasy


The King’s Own are as feared as they are ruthless, doing all of those hard, and sometimes terrible, things necessary to ensure the safety of the realm. Owing allegiance to the King alone, they are his spies, his assassins, and his advisors. They exist to walk in the shadows, to enforce the King’s will, to change the course of entire wars, and to root out dissenters. They live without family, in service to the crown, unknown and unsung.

A young man conscripted to fight in a war far away from home. Blood and loss tempered with hope and a vow. Recruited into the King’s Own, he must learn quickly to do whatever it takes to serve the kingdom so that others can live their lives in relative peace and safety. But just how far will he go to keep his oath, especially when the King is murdered?



I let out a silent howl of rage and loss, shaking in fury. He was right, but I didn’t want to admit it. The bandits on the other side of the door were growing closer, shouting and mocking as they looked for more victims.

“I can at least …” I protested, but the Old Man shook his head again.

“Listen to me, son,” he said, his voice surprisingly calm. “I’ve never in your life given you a command. But obey me now. You must flee. We have no time to argue, and there are so many things still to tell you. I want you to live. Make this mean something. Your mother and your sister would want the same. Your wife and your son would want the same. Sarra wants the same. The gods above, or maybe even the gods below, spared you for something. Live to fight another day, son.”

I took a deep breath, wrestling with my emotions, mastering them once again, allowing that cold calmness to settle over me so I could act. I opened my eyes, looking at the Old Man, wishing I could say all the things I never had.

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AUTHOR Bio and Links:

W. Marshall was born in Florida, but found his home when he moved to Colorado. He is a lover of movies, books, dogs, science fiction, fantasy, and military history. His debut novel, The King’s Own, is a work of dark fiction that asks hard questions as it examines the life and labors of the protagonist.

In his free time, he enjoys running, reading a wide array of fiction, and writing science fiction and fantasy.

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Facebook: AuthorWMarshall


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  8. Not sure I have ever read "Low Fantasy" before. So, based in reality?

    1. Hi, Mary! Yes, Low Fantasy is that which is mostly based in a "real world", with very little influence from magic. I discuss this exact topic, Low v High Fantasy, on my blog, which offers a much more detailed analysis of the similarities and differences!

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