Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Garden pictures

Two tomato plants...the cherry tomato plant (to the left) is fruiting and finally ripening.

 I finally got around to breaking off some of the stems yesterday, so it's not QUITE so bushy. Did you know you could put the stems into soil and get them to root? Peel off all of the flowers and most of the leaves first, so the energy goes to rooting at first.

Strawberry plant in gray circle at lower right, iris in brown thingy at lower left.

As you can see, I use all kinds of pots and whatnot, because I'm always sticking something in the dirt to get it to grow. The gray circle around the strawberry plant is the top that broke off a planter...it is great for helping keep the fruit off the ground.

Red multi-bloom amaryllis


Collard green trees (and bird of paradise flowers)

sweet potato (or yam, I forget which is which)

Swiss chard

ivy geranium

Little Finger carrots
I'm not a big fan of carrots, but my best friend is, so I tried these out. The first time, I harvested a bit too early, so I pulled up nubs, lol. I have learned to gently dig down around the carrot and feel its diameter and depth. Good to plant in relatively loose soil, so they are able to grow easily.

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