Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Accidental Homecoming by Sabrina York (Spotlight and review)




Accidental Homecoming

The Stirling Ranch series

ADULT title


Sabrina York

New York Times bestselling author Sabrina York kicks off her brand-new Stirling Ranch miniseries by asking does blood make you family?

It’s time to face the past he’s been running from.

Danny Diem’s life is upended when he inherits a small-town ranch. But learning he has a daughter in need of lifesaving surgery is his biggest shock yet. He'd never gotten over telling his ex Lizzie Michaels that he wasn’t the marrying kind. But her loving strength for their little girl tugs at his heartstrings—and makes him wonder if he’s ready to embrace the role he’s always run from: father.

From Harlequin Special Edition: Believe in love. Overcome obstacles. Find happiness.

The Stirling Ranch

Book 1: Accidental Homecoming
Book 2: Recipe for a Homecoming
My review:

4 stars


Danny Diem didn't have a good role model in his parents and therefore shunned responsibility and destroyed his relationship with his high school sweetheart. The shock of being called to the reading of a will for someone he's never heard of is compounded when his ex, Lizzie, tells him they have a child who's very ill. Danny has to figure out if he's ready to have a family, before it's too late.


This contemporary romance is a beautiful introduction to a complicated family. There are definitely heart-tugging moments, and young Emma steals the show. Danny's history (and near-history) is very painful and I'm reminded of my philosophy that we are who we are because of what we lived through. I love that he finds a way to work through his insecurities and I am delighted by the family that develops and look forward to learning more about all of them.


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