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Marines Don't Cry by Daniel Garcia and Jacqueline C. Garcia (VNBtM, guest post, excerpt, and GIVEAWAY) GFT

It is my pleasure to share a guest post by Daniel & Jacqueline Garcia. We are indebted to them for their service and dedication.  

Do you know what a promoter does?


Full disclosure, I had to look it up.  Not promoter as in DNA and gene dynamics, but promoter as in

a club promoter.  Thanks to Google, this definition fits the bill of what I what to talk about.

“Also called an event promoter, coordinates and publicizes events like concerts, open mics and themed parties. They advertise information about the event, answering questions and often coordinating everything from the date to the entertainment to the cleanup.  Apr 1, 2021”

You have to have some skills, be good with people, be able to talk up an event.  Get attention, create a desire, give a call to action.  Am I running a club?  No, I am not the partying type; in fact, I am a bit of nerd (introverted) and can be na├»ve.  Danny used to tell me, “I am a promoter.”  I scratched my head and wondered why is that was important?

As we are on this first book journey, I’m starting to get it.  I have to be as our publisher coined the term, an entrepreneurial author, one who generates interest, exposure, readers for their book.  I have to admit, it is another perspective of life and another world being a book author.  I have to grab the reins and find creative venues and opportunities to promote our book, vehicles outside of the norm of book signing and appearances.

We have the benefit of (his) lifetime of experience in public relations, marketing, concert producing…. I could go on, but I want you to read about it for yourself.  I get to benefit from his mentoring and the formulation of a grand vision for our story to get out to the world!   Will you join us in the journey?  Strap in and enjoy.



Marines Don't Cry


Daniel Garcia and Jacqueline C. Garcia




GENRE: Memoir, Non-fiction






Have you ever been lost -- really lost?


Danny and Jackie answer this question in Marines Don’t Cry with stories of death to life, deep sorrow to joy, darkness to light, and freedom in Christ.


Danny recounts his early life in Spanish Harlem and describes conversion from a life of drugs and “the fast lane” to one consumed with knowing and serving God. This makes his journey of walking more than 52 million steps on six continents for children and world peace such an incredible story.


Marines Don’t Cry is about the transformational power of God’s love: how Danny found his calling and is delivering the message of Christ at all costs.






Chapter 12: Walking for Children Around the World


“You Don’t Have Enough Bullets”


As we left the Arab village and continued toward Baghdad, the security patrol noticed something odd. In the distance, the guards saw large groups of people coming toward the caravan. About 20,000 people were walking toward us and were converging on us. The people were coming from both sides of the road. The military escort responsible for my safety became agitated and concerned. The crowds were not racing angrily toward us, but we were clearly outnumbered. Although the vehicles had automatic machine guns at the front and back of the caravan, I think the escorts were afraid.


“What shall we do, Mr. Garcia? They are coming!” the guards exclaimed.


“You don’t have enough bullets. Let them come,” I said.


As the crowd got closer, I could hear them singing. The caravan came to a stop. The guards were shocked. The people were in unison, in harmony, like a massive choir. The melody was beautiful.


“Why are they doing this? Why are they singing? Are they singing to me?” I asked.


“This is unbelievable,” said the guards. “They are singing to you! They are welcoming you.”


“Welcome,” they sang lovingly. “You are welcome!”


I absorbed the beauty of this moment and melted in their love for me. I smiled as the crowds joined the caravan. In unison, we continued forward into Baghdad. More than fifty TV cameras from around the world, including China, were waiting and recorded the entry into Baghdad. The sponsors made sure that all vehicles were removed from the main highway so that we were clear to walk. We walked up and over a bridge, the main bridge into the city of Baghdad, and thousands of people were flashing cameras in the daytime.


The city welcomed us. The Iraqi Olympians cried. Never had they been acknowledged with such a welcome.


In front of all the people was a little girl, maybe six years old. She stepped toward me and, looking up, raised a flower to give to me. I bent down to accept her flower. Then I picked her up, turned her around, and set her on my shoulder for the crowds to see this beautiful child. The people went wild and shouted with joy and happiness. My gesture was a message to the world:


“Everyone, see her! This is your child. I love her, you all should love her! She is who I care about. The children, we must protect them.”




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AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Daniel Garcia


Danny Garcia, The Walking Man, was born and raised in New York’s Spanish Harlem.  He served as a United States Marine, law enforcement officer, and ordained minister.  Since 1996, he has prayed and walked over 52,000, 000 steps on six continents for children and world peace.  During his journeys, Garcia met with dignitaries all over the world, ministering to the famous and to the poorest of the poor.  Danny made presentations to Kings/royals, Presidents, and other world leaders, to include four Presidents of the USA, several Prime Ministers of other countries, the Pope, Mother Teresa, Ambassadors and various eminent personalities and multilateral organizations.  Garcia began his journey as a personal commitment to peace and children and continued walking and raising funds for multiple charitable organizations.

Danny is married to the former Jacqueline Charsagua of El Paso, TX, and they work side by side to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.  For more information, visit Danny’s website.  

Jackie Charsagua Garcia

Jackie Charsagua Garcia is married to Daniel Garcia.  She graduated from the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO, in 1985 and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Air Force.  Jackie holds a Bachelor of Science in Management and a Master of Science in Human Resources Management.  While in the US Air Force, Jackie specialized in communications, acquisition, systems engineering, and information technology. 


After a rewarding and fulfilling Air Force career, she retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in the summer of 2006, having spent more than 21 years on active duty.  Since 2006, she has supported and advised on all aspects of her husband’s walks and charitable initiatives within the United States and abroad.  She joined Danny during his Africa Walk in 2007 and ministered in South Africa, Uganda, Ethiopia, and Southern Sudan.  During this time, her faith and reliance on God grew tremendously under the mentorship of Danny Garcia. The Global Walk experience gave Jackie an opportunity to serve God abroad, and her vision is to spread the hope, love, and the grace of Jesus Christ through her writing.  She is a native of El Paso, TX, mother of one amazing daughter, and a breast cancer survivor.



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  1. Hello @ReadingAddict and readers. What a pleasure to be a guest blogger, thank you for this opportunity. Very kind of you to recognize and thank us for our service to the US Armed Forces. It was an honor to serve the citizens of our country, preserving our freedoms and contributing to national defense. In our respective circles of US Marine Corps and US Air Force, we still follow, advise, and consult.
    As I type, we are off to an event to talk about our book and share a little about our service!

  2. This sounds like a wonderful book.

  3. Great excerpt, Marines Don't Cry sounds like a brilliant book and I like the cover! Thanks for sharing it with me and have a super day!

  4. Hey there @RitaWray @Sherry and @Stormy Vixen, thanks for commenting and nice to hear from you again on this blog spot. I tell you what, folks like to see a Marine in uniform. The cover draws people, especially family members of veterans, and we love to talk with them as they share when, where, and how their family members serviced. Such an honor to talk with them.

  5. I like the cover and excerpt, Marine's Don't Cry sounds like an excellent read and I am looking forward to it.

  6. Thanks so much @Bea LaRocca, you are very kind and encouraging.