Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Breaking the BFF Pact by Gabbi Grey, Sofia Aves, Keighley Bradford, et al. curated by the New Romance Cafe (Breast Cancer Charity Anthology)


Breaking the BFF Pact
A Best Friend's Brother Romance Collection
(Romance Café Collection Book 26)
ADULT titles




We all know the rule – Do not lust over your best friend’s sibling. But what happens when you break all the rules? Will Breaking the BFF Pact get you a happily ever after? Or will you lose it all?

Read titillating stories from USA Today best-selling and award-winning romance authors in a spicy Best Friend’s Sibling collection curated by The New Romance Cafe, with ALL proceeds going to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

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Keighley Bradford
Serafina Jax
Guinevere Jordan
A.R. Bell
Michelle Moncrieff
Katina J. Rose
Melanie Greene
Hannah McKee
Chelle Pimblott
Jewelz Baxter
Bethany Monaco Smith
Chele MacCabe
Kat Long
Jenna Daring
Noa Camhi & Lashe’ Lacroix
Heather Scarlett
Sofia Aves
Wynter Ryan
Sarah Stein
Harper Michaels
Niki Trento
Tasha Blythe
Gabbi Grey

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Gabbi Grey



I’ve had a crush on my best friend Nita’s brother for fifteen years. She's made it clear she doesn’t want me hooking up with him, and he's never shown any interest. Until the night we wind up in the pool alone together and then everything changes. Is he serious about his interest in me, or will he want to forget in the morning? Have I ruined everything with my best friend for one meaningless night?



My life is perfect until the moment I realize I’m attracted to my younger sister’s best friend. Now, my eyes are open, and my need to get Tanner into my bed is impossible to resist. But with my best friend warning me off and my sister giving me the evil eye, I'm having second thoughts. Are my feelings for Tanner serious enough to lead to forever?


This is a 7k gay, best friend’s brother’s romance short story with an interfering best friend, a bossy sister, and the possibility of love becoming realized.


Exclusive Excerpt (with offensive language)





Sometimes, love comes on slowly. Gradually. Like a summer rain.

Other times, it slams you like a baseball to your nuts.

Yeah, that was how it happened to me.

With Kade Nelson, my best friend Nita’s older brother.

Nita and I were twelve years old, and we sat in the stands at the field behind Mission City Collegiate. Our football team was playing the team from Abbotsford—and beating them badly.

Cameron, Kade’s best friend, was the quarterback. Kade was the kicker. There might be a different name for it, but all I knew was he came out and kicked the ball. He was lining up a shot when some guy from the opposing team yelled fag.

Kade missed the kick.

Nita stood and started yelling at the ref.

Cameron launched himself from the sidelines at the other player.

Kade’s coach ran onto the field.

The two teams started fighting.

I cowered. I knew. I knew what that word meant. I knew I was a fag. That I liked boys and wasn’t interested in girls. What I hadn’t known until that moment was that Kade was gay. And, apparently, not just gay, but that he’d told other people.

Nita didn’t appear surprised. She was just plain angry. Now she yelled at the top of her lungs.

One kid near us jeered, and she turned on him.

Wisely, he decided now was the perfect time to beat a hasty retreat.

Within a few minutes, the mayhem on the field ceased.

The boy, the one who’d yelled the slur, was sent packing.

After a few minutes, the play was reset.

Kade kicked the most amazing field goal.

My heart constricted, and I saw my best friend’s brother in a whole new light. My life was never the same.

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