Monday, October 3, 2011

Allyson James' Dragon Heat and Mortal Temptations and follow-up on Daring

It was an Allyson James day...for some reason both titles arrived at my local library at the same time although I usually try to space different books by the same author out more  (unless they're part of the same series) so that I don't get too jaded about the story.  She is a prolific author and actually writes under several pseudonyms, including Jennifer Ashley and Ashley Gardner.  I had not read other works written by her in this persona and confess that I wasn't terribly fond of a couple of titles I had read by her Jennifer Ashley persona so I was a little apprehensive but I am glad that I tried other of her works.  Mortal Temptations (my Goodreads review) starts with a great scene (after all, who wouldn't be fascinated to find an injured winged being who looks like a hunk and is readily accepted by one's cat) and continues with an intriguing story that blends eroticism and paranormal elements and features a hunky snow-leopard as well.  I thought it jumped around a bit too much and the villains are pretty two-dimensional but it was a good light read as was Dragon Heat (my Goodreads review).  I have been a dragon fan since Anne McCaffrey converted me in the mid 1980s and Allyson James' version are sensual and entertaining...after all, who wouldn't be fascinated with a dragon who is addicted to late night television?  I thought Malcolm was a bit inconsistent but will have to read his story before passing final judgement.

I was tickled to receive a response to my Night Owl Review of Mike Shepherd's most recent novel, Kris Longknife: Daring from the author himself because he indicated that he approved of my analysis although he was disappointed that I hadn't mentioned the budding romance so that is evidently going to be further addressed in subsequent works.  I was conflicted about it so I decided that the less I said in the review itself, the better.  It always flabbergasts me to hear from authors although most of them have been more than gracious when I stand in front of them tongue-tied.  Kim (from the SOS Aloha blog) told me that authors are flattered when one approaches them with compliments about their works but I always worry about impinging on their privacy (projecting, I guess).  Having grown up in Southern California, there are plenty of "personalities" around but I have never been an autograph hound, preferring to take photographs instead.  Then there's also the fear that they'll remember when I've given a less than flattering review and throw something at me...


  1. That's so cool that the author contacted you about your review.

    I don't write many reviews because unless I really love the book or really dislike it..I don't think I write reviews good enough to take the time to do so. But I did write a couple for an author that I really liked and she read them and emailed me that she loved the reviews. I was so excited.

    I don't like to write reviews where I didn't like the book because while I might not have liked it, others may love it and I just don't feel putting someone else's work down. lol

  2. I was most surprised to get a "like" on Goodreds from Sandra Brown! I have been a fan since her titles for the Loveswept series way back when.

    I always agonize over what to say when I don't like a particular book but I try to never be cruel. Those reviews take me the longest to write because I usually ponder over them for a couple of days before I decide what to say...which sometimes gets even more complicated because by then I am reading a couple of others!