Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cat in a Vegas Gold Vendetta and other cat detectives

I think that Carole Nelson Douglas struggled a bit to come up with the title that started with a "v" for the newest Midnight Louie story but I guess that she didn't want to use vanilla since it would contrast so starkly with the noir theme.  Cat in a Vegas Gold Vendetta continues with Max Kinsella's search for his missing memories and I find it ironic that two different mystery series are at the "v" stage (Kinsey Milhone seems to be searching for Vengeance) but their main characters are at such different stages of their lives.  The series is getting a bit too convoluted with its dangling threads that seem to be getting more tangled instead of smoothing out. 

I always enjoy the antics of the felines in Douglas' tales but their travels are getting a bit too farfetched and the condition of the Persian sisters was appalling and uncharacteristic given how attached Savannah Ashleigh was to them previously.  The furry detectives of this series are quite distinct from the pampered and vocal felines (Koko and Yum Yum) that populate the Lilian Jackson Braun tales, the Rita Mae Brown trio (Mrs. Murphy, Pewter and Corgi friend Tee Tucker) that talk amongst themselves while they help their human or the truly communicative trio (Joe Grey, Dulcie and Kit) from Shirley Rousseau Murphy.  The human element keeps Midnight Louie busy trying to keep his roommate safe and happy but he uses his customary efficiency to marshal whatever resources he can generate in order to rescue his less fortunate brethren in yet another noir Vegas mystery. 

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