Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Two great reads soon to be released

By a Thread by Jennifer Estep and Spellbound Falls by Janet Chapman will be released at the end of the month!  Both were fascinating reads and I will look forward to sharing my review with you soon.  If you have not read the first books in the series by Jennifer Estep, I suggest you start with those so that you can get to know the fascinating cast of characters and appreciate this one even more.  Spider's Bite is the introduction to the series about Elemental Assassins and ensnares you in the wonderful web about Gin Blanco and her remarkable talents and skills.  My Night Owl Review for Spider's Bite is at this link.


  1. I'm not quite as big a fan of her Karma Girl series as I am of the Elemental Assassin and Mythos Academy series but I do enjoy her thrilling resourceful heroines.