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He Watches Me, He Touches Me and He Claims Me (ADULT titles)

These are very ADULT novellas by Cynthia Sax.


He Watches Me is a very sensual story that is the beginning of `The Seen Trilogy' by Cynthia Sax and introduces the complicated Anna Sampson, a cash-strapped recent graduate who is being paid to house-sit in an exclusive neighborhood. Denied the use of the pool at the house she is caring for, the neighbor's pool is too much to resist. The problem is that the pool belongs to the reclusive Gabriel Blaine who takes advantage of the fact that Anna is an uninhibited sensualist, who doesn't mind pleasuring herself and, although she has never had a lover, Gabriel may be just the one to change her virginal status if she is willing to trust her body to him. The problem is that Anna has never been one to trust others, not even if he is a billionaire.

This erotic novella introduces a contradictory heroine and the very sexy hero who threatens to radically change her life forever. I am not quite sure that I was totally convinced by the concept of this virginal young woman wholeheartedly embracing exhibitionism for the voyeuristic Mr. Blaine but the story is definitely a very spicy tale and is excellent at drawing one into the series. The intriguing dynamic between the two makes an interesting read as they work out the parameters of their relationship which requires some compromise rather being completely one-sided and I definitely look forward to reading the other stories in the series so that I can find out where the relationship is going and so I can also learn more about the enigmatic Gabriel Blaine.


He Touches Me by Cynthia Sax is the second searingly sensual novella in the `Seen' trilogy. The complex relationship between the sexually daring virgin and her extremely rich temporary neighbor continues to evolve as he continues to explore both her emotional and physical limits. Conflicted between trying to do what's best for her and what he desires, Gabriel Blaine must deal with Anna's own determination to follow her own path. Anna's relationships at work also evolve and cause a shift in the dynamics there as well and her life continues to be full of surprises and changes.

This very erotic sequel to the spicy novella, He Watches Me follows the journey of a young woman who is an interesting dichotomy of siren and innocent. The exploration of her sexual limits provides a very carnal tale which also begins to give better depth to the various characters as more of their backgrounds are revealed. Anna continues to grow into her role as employee and lover even as more mysteries unfold. An intriguing addition to the series.

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He Claims Me by Cynthia Sax is the exciting conclusion to her erotic trilogy that began with He Watches Me and He Sees Me. The self-effacing yet exhibitionistic Anna's relationship with Blaine has deepened as her trust has bloomed but she still has hurdles to overcome, particularly with her mysterious house-sitting employer and her coworkers. A frightening development threatens Anna's self-imposed invisibility but fortunately she has found people who actually `see' her and won't allow her to sink back into obscurity.

This enthralling finish to a very carnal collection of tales provides a very satisfying conclusion to some of the mysteries which were introduced in these stories even as threads are left to make one hope that there will be continuations at some time in the future. The unexpected yet somehow sadly understandable development in Anna's life allows some of the secondary characters to demonstrate welcome depth and the sizzling relationship between the main characters becomes even more incandescent and kinkier and makes one wonder what else this inventive author will dream up next.

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  1. Those sound really good. I've read a couple of novellas that were really good so I don't really mind finding one anymore. I didn't used to like novellas because they are so shirt and sometimes it feels rushed but I've read a couple of really good ones.

    1. I agree, I tend to prefer novels over novellas but these were a fun spicy read (and fortunately, came out pretty close together so one could get the entire story pretty expediently). Thanks for visiting.

  2. Awww... I'm glad you enjoyed the stories, ELF! (big hugs)
    Mary, each story is priced at a crazy low 99 cents which means you'll receive a full novel for $3.00. I broke them into novellas because there's a natural break in their relationship. Blaine and Anna go through three distinctive stages.
    It also allows readers to read them on lunch breaks (grins)
    I'm all for sneaking in some reading at work when I'm able.

    1. Thanks so much for visiting Cynthia! I hope we will see more from these fascinating characters at some point in the future.

  3. I have these all in my to be read pile. I'm even more excited to read them now :) Thanks for the reviews.

    1. You are welcome, I look forward to reading your reviews (0: