Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Here's hoping you do all of the fun things you like for Halloween...I will be enjoying the bite-sized candies and keeping them all to myself, lol.

I am not terribly fond of horror stories and lots of gore and I have never been terribly enamored of zombie stories but I have to admit that I enjoyed Rachel Caine's Terminated.  My review will be at the end of this post but first I wanted to mention some other titles for those of you who like your stories a bit creepy and bloody...

Elf Ahearn (no relation, lol) has a creepy gothic tale, Lord Monroe's Dark Tower.  My Goodreads review is at this link.


Bobbi Romans' Table for Three, Hold the Blood is an ADULT title (at least, judging by the cover).  She also has a couple of fun paranormal titles in her 'Swamp Magic' series, Swamp Magic and Under the Full Moon


I had the privilege of editing a couple of titles that gave me the chills (but I warn you that I am a wimp anyway)...please be advised that these are also ADULT titles.

W. Lynn Chantale's A Perfect Getaway



Randy D. Rubin's The Witch of Dreadmere Forest

I had the opportunity to read and review Rachel Caine's Terminated for Night Owl Reviews recently.  I am behind on her other series (I love the Morganville Vampires as well as the Weather Warden series although that one I am REALLY behind on)


My review:
4.5 out of 5 stars

Terminated by Rachel Caine is the exciting conclusion to the ‘Revivalist’ series by Rachel Caine. Bryn Davis was the recipient of something called Returne which has given her life but recent horrific experiences have resulted in her getting an upgrade which her allies would not be particularly pleased to hear about, especially if she shares the disturbing side effects. Patrick McCallister, her lover, had his own relationship-shattering secrets that significantly altered the dynamics of the struggle being waged against those who are trying to create a race of super-beings. The odds seem insurmountable but nobody is ready to give up the fight left. The question becomes, who will survive long enough to be victorious?

This dark urban fantasy has chilling implications about the terrible results possible when the idealism of scientific progress becomes warped by the pragmatism of those whose only goal is to be a victor. I am not a big fan of zombie stories but I have to confess that this particular tale reminds me of why I am a fan of this author. I normally read a couple of her other series with enthusiasm and already know how deftly she creates personable characters caught in untenable situations that they always somehow cope with, albeit in unusual ways, but I confess that this series had not come to my notice. Despite the fact that I have not read the prior novels, enough backstory was provided to not only familiarize me with the chain of events that lead to this exciting conclusion but also to whet my appetite enough that I want to read the other novels in the series to get a more complete picture. I can’t say that I am looking forward to the blood and violence but I am intrigued by the almost super-hero flavor inherent in having characters who are extremely hard to destroy, despite very creative attempts. Be warned, this is not a story for the faint of heart but it definitely provides a roller-coaster adventure of a read.

Oh, and I wanted to mention a couple of things I have found in my wanderings:

I found another contest with a Kindle Fire giveaway
to promote Laurence O'Bryan's book, The Manhattan Puzzle

and Sabrina York has a giveaway on Goodreads for her ADULT title, Tristan's Temptation at this link.



  1. Happy Halloween to you too!
    I love anything chocolate, so you know I got a bag just for us, plus my dad bought me a bag of salt water taffy when he found a bag for himself. He loves candy more than I do. lol

    Thanks for letting us know about all those great books. :) Have a great weekend.

    1. I know this is your time of year Mary, enjoy!