Friday, November 1, 2013

TIME New Frontiers of Space: From Mars to the Edge of the Universe


TIME New Frontiers of Space: From Mars to the Edge of the Universe is a beautiful oversized book that features many of the fascinating elements of space that intrigue us and highlights amazing mysteries that are being researched the world over. The wondrous images that tantalize are interspersed with vivid word portraits of different aspects of the exploration of space. There are liberal sprinklings of acronyms such as ALMA (Atacama Large Millimeter Array) in Chile, SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) and NEEMO (NASA’s Extreme Environment Mission Operations) plus thumbnail descriptions of the 25 most influential people in space with some more detailed treatises on various aspects of space and humanity’s exploration of it.

This hefty book provides images and snippets of information that cannot help but fire one’s imagination. I admit that I have never wondered whether ‘black holes are hairy’ but that is evidently one of the things that the Titanic telescope is being built to investigate and I love the quote from the late Ray Bradbury that reminds us that he called us the “Betweens” and said we are “on a million-year journey from the cave to the stars”. The remarkable pictures can keep one occupied for hours on end and I think this is a book that can be appreciated by those of all ages.

I am gratified to see that there are scientists all over the world who are studying the cosmos and making discoveries about them and I was entertained by the story of the contributor who had the privilege of riding in a military aircraft along with some of the giants of the space program, which conjured up imaginings of a trip to space. I like the name of the instrument in Chile because one of the meanings for ALMA is soul and I think that books that detail the exploration of the great unknown that is space feed the soul as well as entertain. The enthusiasm that is displayed by the various scientists who are spotlighted is contagious and adds to the allure of this excellent tome.

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Additional notes:
This is a visually stunning book.  The oversized pictures are wonderful to look at even if one doesn't want to plow through the scientific detail that is provided.  I would dare anyone not to be awed by the progress that mankind has made as is illustrated in the various thumbnail descriptions!

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