Thursday, November 7, 2013

I'll Be Home for Christmas (review and suggestions for helping soldiers)


I'll Be Home for Christmas by Jessica Scott is a wonderful novella that includes characters introduced in the novel Because of You.

My review:

I’ll Be Home for Christmas by Jessica Scott is a poignant novella from the ‘Coming Home’ series that gives a glimpse of some of the costs of war, both physically and emotionally.  Much of the story is told from wisecracking Vic Carponte’s point of view and it is particularly emotional as a life-changing experience is told from his perspective.  There are hints dropped about events that take place in the novels which are part of this wonderful military romance series but this particular novella can be read as a stand-alone with no problem.

Military romance tales are unique in their combination of pulse-pounding action and their glimpse into a strictly regimented world that is populated by those who push themselves beyond the limits that average people comply with.  The really well-written stories allow those of us who have little or no experience with this arena to get an idea of what takes place when human frailty encounters lofty (or not so lofty) ideals.  This author does a wonderful job of immersing us in this world, undoubtedly due to her own personal experiences and this novella is a shining example of her dexterity.  Those who are new to her writing will be drawn into the series and those of us who are already fans will enjoy the chance to get another view of some of the characters we have grown attached to.  I was delighted to get a chance to get to know the man behind the lighthearted facade even as I ached for the challenges he and his wife face and I look forward to reading more of the exciting stories that continue the saga of all of these personable characters.

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This delightful novella is only $0.99 and is a great way to get to know this author's writing style and become enamored with some fantastic characters.  (Be advised, if you click on this link and purchase ANYTHING during this visit, I will get a small percentage of the thank you!)
I'll Be Home For Christmas (Amazon link)

Don't forget that Jessica has a 'Spread the Cheer' contest going on at this link

The other titles in the "Coming Home" series:


Suggestions on how you can reach out to some of our deployed soldiers who appreciate support and contact with those of us they are representing and keeping safe:

Operation Holiday Card...please contact Kim, at the SOS Aloha Blog.  For more details please see this link.  It is heartbreaking to read through the requests for basic things like shampoo and deodorant (although be warned that some of the wishlists get pretty expensive, maybe suitable for fundraising efforts?).  Make sure you investigate what kinds of things can be used...e.g. only certain kinds of very thick cotton socks are appropriate and be advised that food items must be prepackaged.  Link  You will need to register on the site and to send the site managers themselves a donation to help keep the site itself running.

Soldiers' Angels  I am much less active in this organization than I used to be (and I am thankful that the folks I adopted through this site have returned home safely!) so please make sure you pay attention to all of the hoops that have to be jumped through.  There is a section specifically for letter writing if your funds are tight but you have the time to reach out to a soldier or two.  Link

Books for Troops  I am not as familiar with this organization but was told about it by Her Royal Hotness Sabrina York, lol. Please contact Ebony at this link for more info.

Wounded Warrior Project is always looking for donations to help support our wounded veterans.  Link

Operation Paperback also helps provide books to both deployed soldiers and their families here at home.  Link

And, last but not least, the brave souls and inspirational couple that I keep an eye on through their blog are the amazing Taylor and Danielle.  My blogpost about them is at this link and you can read postings about their life at this link. Their courage and cheerful attitude continues despite the immense sacrifice they have made for our country.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions about logistics of packing a care package to send to soldiers or for tips about what include or not include in either the letters, cards or care packages.  There are definitely rules to comply with!  Donations are always welcome because, be advised, the shipping itself can get pretty costly.


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