Saturday, November 2, 2013

FAST Balls (Adult title) review


This is an ADULT m/m erotic romance novella.

4.5 out of 5 stars

“F.A.S.T. Balls” is part of the ‘Balls to the Wall’ series by Tara Lain and spotlights firefighter Jerry Wallender as he works out his issues with fellow firefighter Michael (Mick) Cassidy, whose anti-gay sentiments have long been an issue for all those around him. Already nursing a bruised heart, Jerry can’t believe it when Mick reaches out to him and his experience gets even more surreal when he discovers their mutual attraction. Mick has been indoctrinated all of his life to believe in homophobic propaganda but his life will take a definite change once he starts listening to his heart...if only he and his new love can survive long enough to explore his feelings.

This entertaining m/m erotic romance series provides plenty of intriguing characters to follow and Jerry and Mick are a great addition to the lineup. It is amazing to see the dexterity with which the author alters the reader’s perception of one who has been a very negative character in past tales but heartwarming to see the forgiveness and acceptance which tends to be a theme throughout the series. Ms. Lain continues to convey the very real pain experienced by those who are treated unjustly by others in society without creating a depressing melancholy story as she provides yet another tale of the importance of looking at all sides of an issue before passing judgement. Fortunately, the required happy ever after ending is present (after some very suspenseful bumps in the road) and there are glimpses of some of the other charismatic males that populate this series. Another great addition to a very enjoyable series.

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