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Brought to His Knees (ADULT titles) Spotlight, GIVEAWAY and Review)

Hi all! Cynthia D’Alba here. Thank you to ELF  for having the gang from the BROUGHT TO HIS KNEES author collection on her web home today. Brought To His Knees is a collection of 11 stories from 11 well-known authors celebrating the fall of the Alpha male when finally succumbing to love. Here’s a little enticement….

The Alpha male. Strong. In control. Letting no one and nothing rule him…until he meets the one, and all bets are off. The world tilts, the bed rocks, and suddenly that tough guy finds himself Brought to His Knees—in more ways than one.

This collection of ten hot to erotic novellas and one short erotic novel will take you on journeys of lust, love, and adventure, leave you breathless and quite possibly in need of a cold shower.

Enter with anticipation. Finish satisfied…

When we write our stories, on occasion we’ll write something that makes us laugh or snort or cry. So the authors of this collection was asked…What is your favorite line from your story? Why?
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Author Name: A.M. Griffin

Title in Brought To His Knees Collection: Dark Wolf Enterprises
Sub-genre: Paranormal

“Wh-what about your super-human heating abilities? Aren’t you supposed to be so hot that’d you’d melt snow?”

I love this line. This is from when Trudy first finds out Kristof is part wolf. He’s begging her to let him back inside and out from the cold and snow and she’s not having it.


Author Name: Amy Ruttan

Title in Brought To His Knees Collection: Building Bridges
Sub-genre promoting: Contemporary

“Are you intentionally here to make my day bad or was this just a happy coincidence?”
He grinned. “Happy coincidence.”

This is my favorite line because my hero is a bit cheeky. William knows he gets under Molly’s skin.


Author Name: Anya Richards

Title in Brought To His Knees Collection: Three Strikes
Sub-genre promoting: Contemporary, M/M, multicultural, erotic romance

“Don’t turn your head away when you smile. I can’t see your eyes when you do.” 

Although neither man recognizes it, it’s a pivotal and beautiful moment in the story.


Author Name: Cynthia D'Alba

 Title in Brought To His Knees Collection: A Cowboy’s Seduction
Sub-genre promoting: Contemporary, Western

Natalie (my heroine) has just licked Brock’s nipple. He warns her she’s playing with fire.

Her response is…“Maybe I am a secret pyromaniac.”

I like it because it made me laugh when I wrote it. I like that both of my characters are playful and teasing.


Author Name: Danica Avet

Title in Brought To His Knees Collection: Born to Sin
Sub-genre promoting: Contemporary

“Back in Dallas, his friends may have shortened his name to Sin but he was the one who’d taken the name and made it his own.”

Because it’s so Sin. LOL I guess it’s sort of like that saying “the clothes make the man”, except in his case, he makes his name. It’s who he is and he isn’t ashamed of that.


Author Name: Felice Fox

Title in Brought To His Knees Collection: The Sound of Your Name
Sub-genre promoting: Contemporary Western

I have a few favorite lines but they’re too explicit to write here!
I do love the moment when the lights go out on Ellie and Brody in the closet and he just misses seeing her naked breasts. What could have been one more in a long line of disappointments for Brody is actually a happy, life-affirming moment. It is the beginning of his journey back to himself, and of course, as in most of my stories, sex is the conduit.

Author Name: Jennifer Kacey

Title in Brought To His Knees Collection: Beneath the Pages
Sub-genre promoting: Contemporary / Menage / BDSM

The last line. O...M…G….the last line. It’s so perfect for what she needs and he knows it, and it leaves it open for another novella at some point. AND it’s kinky and dark and delicious and OH SO DELICIOUS!!!


Author Name: Lynne Silver

Title in Brought To His Knees Collection: Cruising for Love
Sub-genre promoting: Contemporary

“I forgot what a jokester you are. You never take anything seriously.”
“I’d take us seriously,” he called after me.
My feet stopped moving after that declaration. Could any thirty-year old woman walk away from a gorgeous man who told her he’d take them seriously? Nope. I wouldn’t believe it, even if the video was posted on YouTube.


Author Name: Sabrina York (aka Her Royal Hotness)

Title in Brought To His Knees Collection: Whipped
Sub-genre promoting: Contemporary Erotic Romance

Favorite Line: “Oh. Shit.”

Why it’s my favorite line? OMG. I can’t tell you without giving the story away—other than to say it is the final line of the book. How’s that for a tease?


Author Name: Sayde Grace

Title in Brought To His Knees Collection: Chief Sin
Sub-genre promoting: Contemporary Western

Oh boy! I don’t know if I can put my favorite line. Bowie has a dirty mouth sometimes! Still, I’ll give you two of my favorites.
Let’s start with his calm side:

“College was overrated anyway. I love being the sheriff, protecting those who can’t protect themselves. If I’d gone off to college, had never seen evil first hand, I might not be the man I am today.”


Author Name: Tina Donahue

Title in Brought To His Knees Collection: Make Me Surrender
Sub-genre promoting: Contemporary menage

“I have a proposition,” she whispered.

Mercy’s full-figured and shy, but she wants these guys in her life and does what she has to in order to get their attention.Well, if this collection doesn’t keep you up reading late into the night, I don’t know what will!


Well, that was fun! I hope these teasers piqued your curiosity!
BROUGHT TO HIS KNEES will be available for a LIMITED TIME only! Get your copy for the VERY low price of $.99


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4 out of 5 stars

Brought to His Knees is an anthology comprised of contemporary erotic romance stories by eleven talented authors who explore the dynamics in a romantic relationship,  as the alpha partner discovers that he doesn’t necessarily have all of the power after all.   My usual complaint with anthologies is that the stories are not long enough and over too soon, but this collection was a very pleasant departure from that norm.  I was not familiar with all of the authors who contributed but they all have written engaging tales that combine heat and romance.  Even better, some of these stories are apparently parts of series so I am looking forward to reading more by these authors.  A few of the stories end a little too abruptly but they all offer a delightfully spicy introduction to a wonderful selection of characters. 

There is a nice range from intense passion to explorations of dominance and submission, including a delicious paranormal tale that is the beginning of a series with wolf-shifters by A.M. Griffin (Dark Wolf Enterprises), a poignant m/m romance by Anya Richards (Three Strikes) that emphasizes the need to see beyond the facade to the person underneath as a former gang member and a closeted policeman get to know each other, a delicious tropical vacation story starring a sexy cowboy by Cynthia D’Alba (A Cowboy’s Seduction), one of Jennifer Kacey's wickedly sensual menage stories (Beneath the Pages) and a sizzling tale from Sabrina York (Whipped) that displays her trademark combination of heat and humor as a Special Ops soldier crosses the line and falls for his teammate’s younger sister who has a penchant for a bit of kink in her relationship.  These are just a few of the sizzling tales that provide romance and heat in a great combination of stories, do yourself a favor and hurry up and buy a copy.


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