Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Stolen Dreams by Christine Amsden (review)

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Stolen Dreams by Christine Amsden is the exciting conclusion to her paranormal ‘Cassie Scot’ series.  Evan Blackwood has an even larger bounty on his head than before, and is still struggling with Cassie Scot’s rejection, particularly since she has run off with Alexander duPris and there are rumors that the two of them will wed.  Hostilities between the extended families of the Scots and Blackwoods continue to escalate until lives are very much at risk.  Cassie returns to town, only to be caught in even more of a dilemma as Kaitlin prepares to have the baby of Jason the Vampire Hunter who is rumored to have become one of those he formerly hunted, and revelations about her friend Madison strain their relationship even more.  The specter of Cassie’s stolen magic continues to alter many relationships and will, until Cassie finds a way to deal with it permanently.  The problem is that not everyone will be happy with her decision and some may choose a different way of solving it permanently, possibly even fatally.

This was a wonderfully imaginative way to end the series and provided both poignant scenes and lots of unexpected surprises.  It was a little overwhelming trying to remember who some of the players were at first, and I strongly recommend that you read all of the series in order since there are a multitude of individuals who all have their own agendas.  This is a great illustration of the complications that arise when one assumes that one knows best for another person even as it reinforces the importance of being comfortable in your own skin.  There are a few areas that are still a little murky for me and I have to hope that it’s because the author has left room to continue the saga of these intriguing characters but on the whole, I thought this was a very satisfying conclusion to a fun series.


  1. You're very welcome, I enjoyed the series and look forward to reading more of your exciting stories!