Saturday, September 20, 2014

Ghost Layer by Robin D. Owens (Review)


Ghost Layer by Robin D. Owens is the sequel to the imaginative Ghost Seer and continues the adventures of Clare Cermak, who is still coming to terms with the inheritance from her late aunt, both materially and psychically. She is also adjusting to having Zach Slade in her life, while he struggles to deal with both her power and his own admitted as well as unacknowledged issues. They are both hired by Rickman Security and Investigations to deal with the ghost of J. Dawson Hidgepath, who is plaguing multimillionaire Dennis Laurentine, but the assignment turns out to be more dangerous than anticipated and Clare will need the support and assistance of both Zach and her guide, the phantom dog Enzo with his intermittent ‘Other’ knowledge, if she is going to survive to grow into her psychic gift.

This entertaining paranormal tale combines an intriguing mystery that gives new meaning to the term ‘cold case’ with a spine-chilling twist of having a ghost provide many of the pertinent clues. The effervescent ghost labrador, Enzo, does his best to facilitate Clare’s progress in assisting needy ghosts but he also has rules he is circumscribed by which affect his interactions, so it is fun to watch him be a dog, a liaison for the ghosts requiring help, and a conduit for the ‘Other’ who has a definite agenda for Clare. The connection that has formed between Clare and Zach has its ups and downs, which adds to the realism of a developing relationship. There are both fascinating revelations about what Clare and Enzo are able to do as well as an interesting change in Zach’s attitude about his shortcomings and abilities. What a creative series that gives a different twist on the concept of ghosts and haunting, especially for a self-admitted chicken such as myself who isn’t terribly fond of scary ghosts. These tales combine humor, paranormal elements, and romance in a winning combination. I look forward to many more stories from this version of the world, especially as both Clare and Zach become comfortable in their respective roles and with one another, not to mention the warm fuzzy feeling that a dog can supply...even if he is incorporeal!

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  1. Elf, Great review. This has a lot of things that I like in a book. Looks like I need to add it to my TBR list!!!---Rae

    1. Definitely worth adding to your TBR list, I look forward to reading your review of it, Rae! Thanks for visiting.