Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Contests and whatnot

I am so far behind, that I haven't had the chance to wander around all of the fun contests that I usually haunt...but there are a few that I make it a point of keeping up with...

The Romance Reviews Anniversary Party continues until the end of the month.  I love playing the hangman game in particular!

Lisa Renee Jones always has contests at her blog at this link

and she runs others such as this one for a signed special edition at this link

The I Smell Sheep blog always has fun reviews and great giveaways (and I love the way their newsletters tempt you to click on the feature with 'what the flock'...) and they're having a big March giveaway.

Reviews by Crystal frequently has fun giveaways to go with the great reviews

Those of you who use other forms of social media (FB/Pinterest/Twitter) can enter for a steampunk book in a great series by Bec McMaster at the Coffee Time Romance Steampunk area!  While you're there, wander around, there are lots of great features.  I had been locked out of there for a while, but it seems that my computer is finally letting me back in without dire warnings, lol.

There are lots more contests out there...feel free to share others in the comments!


  1. Thanks for all the contest links!!! ---Rae

    1. You're quite welcome, Rae. Good luck and thanks for dropping by!