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Wonderland: Taken by Passion ADULT title


by Jaymie Holland
(Please note:  This title has been re-released with a new cover and expanded)
From Amazon:  Feb. 2015: the Wonderland series is back, better than ever. The award winning “Taken by Passion: King of Hearts” includes sixty pages of new and expanded, never before published scenes.
St. Martin’s Press published the Wonderland series in trade paperback only, with the pseudonym Jaymie Holland. Ellora’s Cave published the series primarily in e-book, under the name Cheyenne McCray. Neither version had the new and expanded scenes.


After being cheated on yet again, full-figured Alice O'Brien no longer believes she’ll find her Prince Charming. She resolves to enjoy men, but refuses to involve her heart.
When she literally tumbles down a rabbit hole, she finds she has left her familiar home city of San Francisco. She has landed in a strange and beautiful world, where she meets a powerful and dominant shapeshifter, Jarronn, and his equally fierce and irresistible brothers.
By the draw of a card foretelling his kingdom’s future, Jarronn has deliberately lured Alice to his realm in hopes of averting a terrible danger threatening his people. He has every intention of saving his kingdom with his and Alice’s bond of passion, and nothing will stop him from making her his Queen of Hearts.




“Oh. My. God.” Alexi’s hoarse whisper startled Alice from her horrified trance.

Her gaze shot to her twin’s and she saw Alexi holding her can of Mace like she was about to spray a giant cockroach. A really grotesque man-eating roach. Alice knew by the look on Alexi’s face that Jon was going to be hurting a hell of a lot more once she got through with him.

“You cheating—” Alexi’s courtroom attorney’s voice cut through the kink happening on Alice’s bed.

All kink instantly ceased.

Damn,” Jon muttered.

Alice eyed him more coolly than she ever thought possible. She spun and marched away. She had to get out of the house, now. Hell, she’d never be able to sleep in that bed again, much less this apartment.

Behind her she heard Alexi laying into the slimy bastard. Alice had no doubt that the apartment would be cleared of all scum in no time flat.

The buzzing in her head was coming real close to migraine level. Alice slipped on a pair of dry walking shoes, yanked on her San Francisco Giants baseball jacket, and grabbed her purse off the stand where the telephone receiver still hung from its cord.

In the background, she heard Jon’s defensive whine as he started, “If Alice wasn’t so fat, I wouldn’t have to—”

A spraying sound and Alexi’s shout covered up the rest of the jerk’s words as she let loose with the Mace. Shrieks and screams from club kink immediately followed.

Without looking back, without closing the door behind her, Alice fled into the dreary San Francisco morning.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

About Cheyenne (writing as Jaymie Holland)

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Cheyenne McCray’s books have received multiple awards and nominations including three Romantic Times Reviewer’s choice awards and three nominations. Chey has over 90 published novels and novellas since her first novel was published in 2003.

Some of Cheyenne’s awards:
*RT Book Reviews magazine’s Reviewer’s Choice awards for Best Erotic Romance of the year, Best Paranormal Action Adventure of the year, and Best Romantic Suspense
*Three “RT Book Reviews” nominations, including Best Erotic Romance, Best Romantic Suspense, and Best Paranormal Action Adventure.
*Golden Quill award for Best Erotic Romance
*The Road to Romance’s Reviewer’s Choice Award
*Gold Star Award from Just Erotic Romance Reviews
*CAPA award from The Romance Studio

Cheyenne grew up on a ranch in southeastern Arizona. She has been writing ever since she can remember, back to her kindergarten days when she penned her first poem. She always knew one day she would write novels, hoping her readers would get lost in the worlds she created, just as she experienced when she read some of her favorite books.

Chey has three sons, three dogs, and is an Arizona native who loves the desert, the sunshine, and the beautiful sunsets. Visit Chey's website and get all of the latest info at and meet up with her at Cheyenne McCray’s Place on Facebook

Feel free to contact Chey

Or check out Chey writing as Jaymie Holland



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My review (of the original version)

4.25 out of 5 stars

"Taken By Passion" by Jaymie Holland (Cheyenne McCray) is an erotic D/s romp through the life of Alice O'Brien with a nod to the tale of Alice in Wonderland. Holland's Alice has been cruelly betrayed by her past lovers and inadvertently leaves her life in San Francisco behind when she follows a mysterious white rabbit, or maybe it's a white tiger, and falls down into another world where her statuesque figure is appreciated instead of rejected. Alice has been chosen by the High King, Jarronn, to be his mate provided she can be properly trained in her submissive role while she learns to accept that she is beautiful. Jarronn and his three brothers initiate her in a sensual ritual that ensures her protection even as she learns to be comfortable in her own skin while wearing only the adornments given to her by her new lord and master. Alice has no idea of the key role she is to play in her new kingdom nor does she realize that there is an additional sibling who is determined to undermine the four brothers but she gradually learns to fit into her new life trustingly.

A delightfully kinky version of a favorite children's tale. Imaginative reworking of some of the elements from the story which are given a very sensual twist. Personally, it was a bit disturbing that Alice's role is to be a complete submissive 24/7 as that doesn't seem to be a very healthy basis for a relationship and could get a bit boring for the Dom. Sizzling scenes are written with Holland/McCray's usual flair and there are still 3 unattached brothers so there will hopefully be more titillating tales to enjoy.

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I received a copy of this title in return for an honest review.

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