Tuesday, July 11, 2017

From highs to lows? A non-reading journey

Those who know me are well aware of my immersion in the printed word. My poor hubby is inured to the piles of books he must navigate between as well as the occasional "Have you seen a book that is about this big and this color?"which inevitably prompts him to ask me what the title is. My usual answer is that it has something about x in the title, but it's by (specific author's name). That's an indication of my mental filing method...I tend to remember the author and gist of the story first, maybe the title second, and the cover last. I'm one of those who rarely pays attention to a cover unless it irks me (color/font/subject matter), or else it is placed before me (e.g. at the Writerspace.com/chat).

Hmm, I've gotten off the topic, lol. Anyway, my original point was that I would far rather read than do anything else. So...despite my strong desire to see the movie version of Beauty and the Beast, I almost missed out and finally coaxed my hubby into going to see it at the discount theater yesterday. Get out of the triple-digit temps for a couple of hours AND see one of my favorite fairy tales brought to life, yum. I am a very big fan of the animated version, so I was a little nervous, particularly at seeing the actress who is indelibly imprinted in my mind as Hermione, lol, portraying the French Belle.

Sigh. What a beautiful production. Fortunately, the theater was very sparsely populated so I didn't disturb anyone while humming along with my favorite songs (ok, yes, I was lip-syncing, lol) and I could wiggle as much as I wanted without disturbing my neighbors (my legs start aching if I sit in one position for too long). The costuming was beautiful, the animation of the characters was exquisite, and it was altogether fun and I was euphoric at the end. My hubby delights at peering at me during the sad scenes to see if I am crying (yes, I was, but only slightly, lol) and he patiently sits with me through the credits. I floated out of the theater humming (although I still prefer the Celine Dion/Peabo Bryson version of the song).

Fast forward a few hours to dinner. The hubby has been determined to get through the previous episodes of Game of Thrones and we were finally at the last two episodes of last season's offerings. It's a violent and bloody series, so I tend not to stare at the screen during the fight scenes, but wow, they have done a beautiful job with the stories. The staging and imagery are so impressive, and I admire the characterizations that are so apt. I do wish they had as many naked men as they do women, however!

I confess that I never made it all of the way through the books as I got annoyed when there was such a long hiatus between them, because I would have needed to go back and reread the prior stories and I didn't want to devote the time to that. There are remarkable twists and I am afraid I was very saddened by one particular death...so much that this is what stuck with me as I went to bed. In retrospect, perhaps we should have watched these the other way around, lol, since I went from such a happy frame of mind to a somber and somewhat distressed one. Ah, well. Maybe I'll stick with my romances and their HEAs!

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  1. I want to see that movie. It sounds good :) I'm glad you enjoyed it.