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Falling for Hope by Eryn LaPlant (Spotlight, excerpt, review, and GIVEAWAY) GFT

by Eryn LaPlant


GENRE:   romance



Alexander Bronwyn keeps his heart well-guarded, except when it comes to his son, Elliot. When his son’s declining health requires a dire bone marrow transplant, adopted Alexander must delve deeply into his past to find those who share the same DNA.
Elaine Hannel thought she lost her first-born forty years prior during childbirth. That is until he came to her uncovering a decades’ old mystery she didn’t know existed. Shocked, Elaine is forced to relive the past she’d put behind her so long ago, with a former lover and the death of her child she only met for a blink of a moment.
While the rest of the Hannels are confused, and feel deceived, Lucy Brooks is the only person accepting and sympathetic of Alexander and his plight. A single parent herself, she sees in Alex a man who will do anything for his son, no matter the pain and conflict it causes. What she doesn’t see is the soul connection to a man so overburdened with life, all he has left is to let go and let her take some of that away for him.


ALEXANDER BRONWYN paced next to his car, questioning his arrival in Cambridge. Elliott was asleep inside; unaware of the desperate measure Alexander was taking to ensure his well-being. His son was his life. There was nothing he wouldn’t do for his boy, including visiting a family he’d never met, but shared his DNA, and who lived in a stately stone manor.

Stone manor, puh. He, his sisters, and parents lived in a two-bedroom flat ‘til he was fourteen, while these people, the Hannels, lived in a house big enough for both of families combined. He doubted Oliver Hannel, the most famous member of the Hannel family thanks to two epic superhero movies The Shock and The Shock Two: Birth of Volt, shared a bedroom with two sisters when he was growing up.

But that was of no consequence now. The past didn’t matter. The present and future did. And presently, Alexander could see there was a wedding reception taking place in the garden, so he waited.

He had today to make this happen and dammit, he would. In fact, had he known there’d be a formal celebration he would’ve dressed the part instead of coming straight from the garage in a t-shirt and denims.

Running two hands through his shoulder length hair—something he’d vowed to keep growing so Elliott could use it later—he heard applause. Peering across the lawn, he saw the first guests bidding their good-byes, and straightened his tall frame to a stand. A few of the attendees stared at him as they left, including the bride and groom, and what he expected was the rest of the family on the front steps of the great Hannel house.

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AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Eryn LaPlant grew up wishing she could have lived in the books she read, living through characters and their romantic adventures. Now she writes romances of her own to share with readers like you. When not writing, she spends her time with her loving husband, their handsome son and fluffy Pomeranian, Marley, in the Land of Lincoln

Instagram: @erynalicia

Other works:

Falling for Heroes Series:
         Falling for Shock
         Falling for Freedom
         Falling for Phoenix
         Falling for Hope
         Falling for Sacrifice (coming in 2018)



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My review: 

4.5 out of 5 stars

Falling for Hope by Eryn LaPlant is a contemporary romance and is Book IV in the ‘Falling for Heroes’ series. This story of a father who is desperately searching for help for his terminally ill son is poignant and emotional but also provides a lovely romance that is not without its share of bumps. I’m not a big fan of flashbacks but I understand why they were provided, and those who are concerned by multiple points of view should be advised that there are multiple perspectives included in the story, as several different relationships are explored. The children definitely steal the show and each adds depth to the story.

I was captured once I met the hero and his courage and grace are inspiring as we get a chance to follow him through quite a few trying experiences. The up and down feelings that accompany the search for a bone marrow match definitely give realism and tension to the story and I found myself rooting for him and impressed by the generosity of all of those who are touched by young Elliott’s plight. Lucy is an intriguing mixture of contradictions but a wonderfully bright and optimistic character who fights her way through her own issues. There are multiple questions that I still had at the end of the story and I thought a couple of folks acted a bit different from what I expected, especially Lucy’s ex, but I definitely enjoyed the story and finished it with one of those nice warm fuzzy feelings. Despite this being part of a series I had no trouble making a connection with these characters and enough hints are dropped that I am curious about many of the secondary characters in the Hannel family. I love stories that include people who I would be glad to have as friends, even with all of their prickly bumps, and I am delighted to get to know these folks and hope to read other books in this series.

A copy of this title was provided to me for review


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    Thank you for hosting. I am humbled by your review and was so glad to hear that you like Falling for Hope so much. You did mention that you had some questions about the story, thinking that it didn't come together at the end. I'd gladly answer any questions you might have. I could always fix the problems before another edition comes out.

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