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Fix Your Diet, Fix Your Diabetes by Tony Hampton (Spotlight and review) PUYB


 Tony Hampton, MD

Publisher: Windy City Publishers
Pages: 168
Genre: Self-Help


Want to fix your diabetes?  In this book, I share with my diabetic and borderline diabetic readers that they have the power to reverse or prevent diabetes simply by changing their diets.  It starts with how you think.  By removing old beliefs to new ones that better serve you, the path to recovery from diabetes can be that simple.  Once I provide the rationale for changing old beliefs to more productive ones, I then share with you ways to stay motivated as you journey to a new way of eating.  You are then given a deeper understanding of why so many people have diabetes.  This knowledge will allow you to remove thoughts you may have had where you blamed yourself for having diabetes.  You are then given tips on how to maintain the motivation needed to make a successful transition to a diabetic friendly diet.  Additional knowledge is given about the many complications which could occur when this condition is not well controlled.  Empowered with the understanding of why diabetes occurs and its many complications, you will be given a case for changing how diabetes is treated.  This is done by changing the focus of diabetes management away from the symptoms (elevated glucose), which is how we currently manage this condition, to treating the cause of the disease (insulin resistance).  You are then given the rationale for increasing healthy fats in your diets while reducing starchy carbohydrates and processed foods.  Once this is explained, examples of foods that should be considered for smoothies, snacks, and dinner are given so you will know how to choose foods which are best.   Finally, tips on how to avoid being fooled by marketing labels and claims of so-called healthy foods provide the framework by which great dietary choices can be made.  This new approach to reversing diabetes with diet will reverse diabetes in nearly anyone willing to make these simply lifestyle changes.



Meet the Author

Dr. Tony Hampton has been treating patients with multiple chronic conditions for nearly two decades. In addition to his role as an Advocate Medical Group (AMG) family physician over the last nine years, Dr. Hampton currently holds multiple responsibilities within the Advocate Healthcare, including Medical Director of AMG Beverly, Vice-Chair of AMG’s Governing Council, Chair of Health Outcomes Committee and Co-Chair of Executive Diversity Council.
Over the last two years, Dr. Hampton has worked closely with AOS, successfully piloting advancements in AMG’s operations management systems. He is a champion for change that results in greater work-life balance for physicians and an enhanced patient experience. His interpersonal skills, clinical knowledge, and desire for strong patient/team engagement will continue to make Tony an asset to the AOS team.
A regular speaker for the American Diabetes Association and consultant for the Illinois Department of Public Health’s Initiative to Improve Diabetes Care, Dr. Hampton is passionate about empowering patients by changing old beliefs to new ones which better serve them using evidence-based medicine. Educating them on the root cause of disease processes and the importance of diet provides the path to positive health outcomes for diabetics, borderline diabetics, and patients not at their ideal body weight.
He is a Certified Physician Executive (CPE) and earned his MBA from the University of Phoenix. Tony authored the book Fix Your Diabetes, Fix Your Diet, Your Dietary Solution to Reversing Diabetes which was published in April 2017.






My review:


4.5 out of 5 stars

Fix Your Diet, Fix Your Diabetes: Your Dietary Solution to Reversing Diabetes by Tony Hampton is a practical guide that attempts to address both attitude and action to treat a prevalent killer. I like that it starts by reminding us how important our beliefs and attitude are for success and the danger of FEAR (false evidence appearing real) and emphasizes that change is needed to achieve success. Dr. Hampton gives assignments and challenges longstanding beliefs even as he reminds us to check with our own physicians to help evaluate what should be tried. He makes some surprising statements such as the positive benefits of fats in the diet and the beneficial effects that a 24-hour fast can have. His acknowledgment of factors such as ethnicity and culture impacting on food choices reinforces that it is the attitude and effort that are important…not a specific addition or subtraction of a food from one’s menu.

I like the pragmatic approach that acknowledges the difficulty of changing to have a healthy way of eating and the practical suggestions, including recipes and food choices that will help one’s ability to avoid or manage diabetes. I admit, some of the items are not part of my normal menu…e.g. hemp or chia seeds or coconut, but I can definitely work on adding these in gradually, I am working on using cauliflower and fatty fish in the menu more often, and I am relieved by the author’s support of whole eggs in one’s diet. Water and dark chocolate will require that I continue trying to retrain my palate but, I agree that who I hang out with will definitely affect my results.

The book starts with encouragement to have the proper attitude, exemplified by a quote from Mahatma Gandhi about the relationship between your beliefs and your values and how that becomes your destiny, and it points out that it takes somewhere around two months to acquire a new habit. It gets a little technical and detailed about the way diabetes develops, but then goes into foods and supplements that have a low glycemic index and the importance of replacing an unhealthy choice with a healthy one. Dr. Hampton advocates healthy foods rather than a specific diet, and I am very happy to have had the opportunity to increase my knowledge base by reading this informative and practical book that would be of benefit to most of us, particularly those at risk of developing or currently dealing with diabetes.

A copy of this title was provided to me for review




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