Saturday, April 7, 2018

Saturday Seven Fantasy series

I chose to spotlight some of my favorite fantasy authors...each of whom inevitably had several series. Yes, this is what makes up the rest of the bulk of my keeper shelves...

Each of these authors has/had the ability to create vivid worlds that I loved visiting and memorable characters who inspired and entertained me. I again had to cheat by including several series for some of the authors and I am again reminded that I will have to create a second list since there are several more names that I wasn't able to include!

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Anne McCaffrey


Robin Hobb


Juliet Marillier


Mercedes Lackey (yes, there are probably seven or more series just by this author!)

Roger Zelazny


Sharon Shinn

ADULT titles (the first series includes BDSM elements, so be forewarned)


Anne Bishop


  1. Love several of these authors.... while others are new to me. Thanks for adding to my TBR list :-). My Saturday Seven is here:

    1. Thanks for visiting, Judy. It seems I was all out of sorts this weekend and didn't make the post live as early as I had thought! I hope you enjoy these titles, many of them I have read more than once, and enjoyed them every time!

  2. I've heard some good things about Anne McCaffrey's work. It will be interesting to see who you put on your second list on this topic. Will you be sharing it next week, or will you wait until some Saturday Seven post in the future?

    Thanks for stopping by my Saturday Seven post earlier! I'll leave a link to it here for any lurkers who haven't seen it yet: