Tuesday, September 25, 2018

More pictures from HRR

These delightful macaws at Mission Inn have quite a vocabulary. I'm sure they derive great entertainment from all of us standing around trying to get them to say the various words they know, lol.

The Mission Inn Hotel is very picturesque and evidently a scavenger hunt helped many of the conference attendees learn about many of the historic details of the site

Preparing the room for the readers!

I apologize, most of the following pictures will be fuzzy because I turned off the flash to avoid blinding the authors (I figure it's pretty rude to make them sign autographs with afterimages in their eyes!).

Again, I urge you to attend if a book conference is going to be in your neck of the woods. At the very least, there is usually a signing day that is free...and not only do you get to talk to your favorite authors and meet new ones, but you can also gather lots of bookmarks and swag! The authors are delighted to interact with fans and happy to take pictures with you or sign your books.

In L.A., In D'Scribe is coming to Burbank next month (info) and Saturday, October 6, 2018 is the Reader Rave Book Signing. It's a great time to visit with your "tribe" and discover a new title or two (or ten).

Naturally, I was drawn to Mary Wine's table, not only because of her beautiful books but because she had a box of See's candy!


The irrepressible Jade Lee/Kathy Lyons


The effervescent (and prolific!) Sabrina Jeffries



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