Saturday, March 16, 2019

Please keep Nebraska in your hearts and good thoughts

Image by Gerhard Gellinger from Pixabay

This picture is to remind me that not everyone is as dismayed by snow as I am (0;

On a very somber note, I thought I'd share this since I (with my limited attention to news) have heard NOTHING about the tragedies in Nebraska. Please keep the folks there and in all of the areas being hit hard by the terrible weather in your thoughts and prayers.

...the state of Nebraska is a mess.  On the western side, we had blizzards so bad that the interstate from about two hours west of here all the way to Wyoming was closed for, I believe, well over a day (not sure closed and open exact times).  An Amtrak train was stuck for 30 hours with people stuck on it.  And there are reports of missing individuals.
On the east side, we had so much rain that we are flooding.  We had a blizzard first and then a rapid increase in temperatures so we got to rain.  The ground is frozen so there is nowhere for the rain and melting snow to go.  We have whole towns that are under water. Levees and dams have broken.  Bridges and roads are gone.  People have lost their lives, including a first responder. Cattle men have lost a large portion of their herds, either in drowning or because they are stranded on sand bars and no one can get to them or are completely surrounded by water and cut off.  More than one water supply system have gone down in a couple of towns south of Omaha which means limited water for the people and waste water is dumping right in the river.  They are sandbagging the local nuclear power plant.  I discovered that Omaha has flood gates (this was news to me) and they have been put up.   Our governor is saying this is some of the most catastrophic damage this state has seen in over a half century. 
The stories I am hearing just break my heart.  One more mature woman they just had on the news had come into Omaha early this morning from just west of town for a doctor’s appointment.  Shortly after lunch, she went to head home and discovered the road is gone.  She is stuck in Omaha with her car and her purse.
Anyway, thank you guys for lifting prayers if you are so inclined.  I’ll be fine without a doubt but what’s happening here is going to impact far beyond Nebraska.  There is a lot of really good farm land which is now under water and they are saying it could be months before it fully drains.  This could very well mean no planting or more difficult planting.  Cattle that people depend on for multiple reasons are gone.  We are also in calving season and losing this year’s new births can cripple a farmer.

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OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) — People wishing to help victims caught in the path of floods throughout Nebraska and Iowa can now do so with a simple text.
United Way has set up a relief fund for flood victims in Nebraska and Iowa.
You can donate by texting FLOODRELIEF to 41444