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Fighting Chances (Charity Anthology w/multiple authors) ADULT titles

I'm a little late posting this, but a lovely anthology of gay male romance stories was put together to benefit the children of Alcoy, Philippines. Find out more information here.

(authors' names below)
ADULT titles

An opportunity to put his hands around his enemy's... neck.

What can a man do when the spark of hate ignites the fire of passion? Can desire bridge the gap between two men on opposite sides of a fence? A kitchen aisle? What about a war?

Can love heal years of resentment and little hurts? Can it make a man recognize the humanity in another? And is the line between hate and love really all that thin?

In these 10 stories by well-loved M/M authors united by a common cause, you can find men in conflict with each other and with themselves... ready to give love a fighting chance.


All profits to be donated PROJECT CHILDREN ALCOY, a small volunteer-run project which provides healthy meals and school supplies to kindergarteners and children in Alcoy, Philippines.

·       Don’t Mean a Thing – Riley Ashby
·       Going Down – Corie Rosling
·       Nerve – Emily Alter
·       Frustration and Fireworks – J.D. Light
·       Saving the Dragon – Alicia Graybill
·       Hooked by the Bell – Tanya Chris
·       The Wedding Party – E.M. Leya
·       Turning Over a New Leaf – Kat Cassidy
·       Six Months – BL Maxwell
·       The Dawn Singer – K.K. Pieza


“Turning Over a New Leaf” - An enemies to lovers romance featuring a die-hard environmentalist and a wood-cutter.

“Really committed to those single word responses, huh?” Miles snipped, irrationally annoyed. It was honestly hard to believe that this was the same guy from yesterday afternoon. “You know, even most apes are smart enough to form rudimentary sign language sentences in a lab setting.”

Logan flashed him a hand gesture that wasn’t exactly sign language, but was pretty hard to misinterpret. 

Miles was mesmerized by the display of Logan’s sure, corded muscles working beneath the tight thermal shirt, and the way the moonlight glinted off the waves of his hair, shiny and coppery as a new penny. And the sounds he made—those booming grunts of exertion were primal and carnal and deeply unfair.


My review:

4 out of 5 stars

Fighting Chances is an entertaining combination of "enemies to lovers" adult gay romance stories that showcase the writing talents of ten talented authors. The fact that the proceeds are being donated to a worthy cause is just icing on the cake.

I particularly enjoyed the hijinks in Tanya Chris' "Hooked by the Bell," as two men continue the bitter feud between their families over a strip of land that separates their respective properties...until they rediscover there are more important things to have in common. A particularly hilarious (to me) scene takes place in their childhood treehouse that is NOT soundproof, lol. 

Kat Cassidy's "Turning Over a New Leaf" gives a new perspective on the fight between fellers (who cut down trees) and environmentalists who go to extremes to protect nature and I felt a connection to both main characters immediately and will definitely be looking for other works by this author as well.

Corie Rosling's "Going Down" taught me that omegas can be pretty feisty, lol, and I enjoyed the lesson on what can be done with shrink wrap.

BL Maxwell's "Six Months" made me hungry, although I wanted to smack one of the main characters (always good when they resonate enough with you to make you annoyed, I guess, lol). A slow burn romance.

Some of the stories in the anthology are not for the faint of heart, so make sure to read the warnings that accompany descriptions. I read an ARC, so I am hopeful that the story that had quite a few errors has been revised. Overall, the book was engaging, (mostly) easy to read, and covers a wide spectrum of gay romance.

 A copy of this story was provided for review

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