Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Dangerous Games by Claire Thompson (Spotlight and review) ADULT


Claire Thompson

When you play dirty games, the stakes are dangerously high …

Reese Armstrong is striving to get his life on track. He has started a new career, gotten a new apartment…now he has to figure out how to shake the guy who insists on controlling his every move. For years, Reese took part in the deviant bets orchestrated by his wealthy lover, Hank. He’s told himself he’s done with all that, but the terms of this latest bet are more than Reese can refuse. 
As head computer programmer at a software company, Luca Hartman’s professional life is soaring. But his personal life is a lonely mess. When the hot new sales guy takes an interest in him, a world of possibility opens. But Luca’s been burned before, and he’s wary of the sudden attention. Why would Reese, who could have any man he wants, choose geeky, stuttering Luca? Is he truly sincere or should Luca be on the lookout for a string of malicious code?
Disarmed and enchanted by the shy, brilliant Luca, Reese has to make a choice: reject Hank’s dirty tactics or follow through and destroy the potential he sees with Luca. But even if Reese wants to be done with their dangerous games, Hank’s not through with him…
This is Book 1 of the Games of the Heart M/M series. Be sure to check out Book 2 Turning the Tables.
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My review:

4.25 out of 5 stars

Dangerous Games by Claire Thompson features a computer geek named Luca Hartman who gets caught up in an unholy bet made by Reese Armstrong, a colleague at his company. Reese is trying to reinvent his life, but has been in a rut with the man who shaped his life since they were both in high school, even though their malicious games are no longer fun. Once Reese gets to know the shy Luca, he realizes there could be a better way to fulfill his needs, but only if he can find a way to break the chains to his past without destroying his future.

This adult gay BDSM romance provides a delicious mixture of kink and emotionalism as Reese works through the conditioning he’s had since his teen years and discovers there’s a different way to approach a relationship. I enjoyed the way things morphed as Reese’s conscience finally kicks in and he realizes that not only does he need to treat others better but he also deserves to be treated better. There are certain developments that are inevitable, and for me, the resolution of the major conflict is a little contrived, but I still breathed a sigh of relief. Both of the main characters are personable, and I was quickly invested in seeing them work out as a couple and entertained by the apparent role reversal. I am intrigued by the idea of the slimy ex getting his comeuppance, but it’s going to take a lot to redeem him, so I can’t wait to see what the author has in store.

A copy of this title was provided for review 

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