Saturday, October 12, 2019

A fundraiser, contests, and freebies, updated

Sadly, we have lost another of the folks who was an ardent supporter of reading and authors, Babs Hightower. There is a GoFundMe page. Please give what you can to help the family.


Sorry for the quiet blog, I'm dealing with some personal challenges and a bit stretched out right now, but here are a few contests and blogs that have regular contests:

Night Owl Romance Hallowpalooza 2019

Author Karen Doctor's blog

Author Caris Roane's blog

Author Addison Albright's blog

The links below will give me extra entries if you use them, so...thank you!

Michelle A. Bailey's Romance Book Fair

OTOH Unearthly Ever Afters October Book Fair

The Kindle Book Review $400 Fantastic Fall Giveaway

Free books!

Julia Kent's Fall Into Romance has 9 free books plus a chance for an AMZ GC

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