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The Matchmaker Club by Kayley Wood (Spotlight, excerpt, review, and GIVEAWAY) GFT

Kayley Wood


GENRE: Romantic Comedy/Chick lit



How do you loosen up a rigid, brooding billionaire with a broken heart? Nothing a game of Spin the Bottle, a skinny dipping dare, and poison ivy couldn't fix!

This feel-good rom-com is quickly becoming another fan favorite in the hilarious and sweet Club Series.

"I couldn’t put the book down. The story was great." - Jillian – 5 Stars

"OH THE FEELS! A great read!" - littleboodamommy - 5 Stars

"If you like heartwarming romantic comedies then you’ll definitely enjoy this book!" - Amanda Beaumont - 5 Stars

"There are several moments that will leave you giggling, and even more that will leave you sighing in content. You cannot go wrong when you click a book in this series." -Des - 5 Stars

Hilarious. Sweet. Sassy.

It is an indisputable fact that Reed women are not marriage material.

The great-granddaughter of a famous burlesque dancer, the granddaughter of an ex-hippie, and the daughter of an eccentric artist, Taylor quickly learns the heartbreaking lesson of her family curse after her first love ends in rejection.

Apparently, Reed women are not girlfriend material either.

Nestled in a small town in Maine, Cedar Gardens is the worn-down estate which the Reed women call home. But there’s one catch: It doesn’t belong to them. Almost seventy years ago, Mortimer J. Freeman bought the place for his long-lost love, Marlena Reed. Now, his great-grandson—and heir to billions—Lucas Freeman is in town with an agenda: to quietly reclaim the estate and Mortimer’s old love letters to Marlena while avoiding a family scandal. But Taylor’s grandmother has another plan: to play matchmaker with Taylor and Lucas before all three Reed women are kicked out of the only home they have ever known.

The problem? Taylor can’t stand the brooding billionaire, who doesn’t understand the gravity of a triple dog dare or the fun of blowing bubbles in your milk. Responsibility, reliability, and routine are Lucas’s mantra. That is, until the fiery Taylor schemes up a hilarious to-do list to break him out of his habitual shell and, in the process, turns his world upside down.

But falling in love wasn’t part of any of their plans.

Does Cedar Gardens have enough magic to bring Taylor and Lucas together, or will the Reed family curse win out in the end?

THE MATCHMAKER CLUB is the heartwarming, yet hilarious third installment in the Club Series. A New Adult Romantic Comedy full of lol moments, lovable characters, strong female bonds, and gives all the feels!



“If anyone’s out there, I got a gun and I ain’t afraid to use it!” my grandmother called out.

Lucas must’ve turned three shades of white under the moonlight, his eyes wide as saucers. I held both hands over my mouth to stifle a giggle. The only gun my grandmother had was a BB gun to scare away rodents… and Austin.

“I’m coming out now,” my grandmother warned.

Lucas gripped my arm and pulled me behind him. I almost died laughing right there and then. He was trying to protect me.

The shed light went on, and I grabbed Lucas and yanked him to the ground with me. There were a few clanking sounds, and Lucas pulled me into his arms. I felt myself snuggle closer against his chest. His heart was beating fast.

“It’s okay,” I whispered, and he held me a little tighter.

The last time I was this close to a man was my summer with Austin. I had forgotten how much I missed that warmth.

“What is it?” Lainey called from the house.

“Probably a raccoon trying to get to the birdseed,” my grandmother said before she flipped the shed light off.

When the porch light went out as well, his arms were still around me, and I didn’t want to move.

His mouth went to my ear, sending chills rippling across my skin. “Is it safe to go?”


His arms dropped to his sides, and I stood up. “This way.”


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Kayley has three simple rules in life:

1. Surround yourself with some incredible, kick-ass women you call friends.
2. Don't worry about failure or mistakes. It's how you respond to them that makes all the difference.
3. An appletini is never complete without two cherries.




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My review:

4.25 out of 5 stars

The Match-maker Club by Kayley Wood is part of the ‘Club’ series and chronicles the adventures of Taylor Reed as she fights to keep her family home safe from Lucas Freeman, who has been sent to quietly reclaim it. The complex relationship between the two families is based on secrets and different philosophies, but they soon discover they might find a middle ground if they try hard enough.

This lighthearted contemporary romance has its serious undertones but overall, it is a lovely feel-good tale that celebrates following one’s heart. I love the secondary characters and spent quite a bit of time giggling, particularly when it turned out that the honey butter served in a pastry had a little something extra that made dessert particularly memorable.

The strong females in the Reed family are inspiring and vivid characters and it was wonderful to see how Taylor finds a way to reach Lucas through her games, lists, and playlists. The poignant elements supplied by the experiences of previous generations as well as Taylor’s history nicely contrast with the episodes of lightheartedness, and the matchmaker letters give additional insight to some of the characters. There are a couple of awkward elements, including a foray into a different point of view for a single scene and a song on a playlist that is anachronistic, but the overall story is uplifting and entertaining.

I loved the transformation of Lucas’ character and I salute the author for creating characters who are so real that I am rooting for them to continue to overcome the odds and enjoy their compromise. This is a fun and entertaining story that is easily read as a stand-alone tale, but I definitely am curious about the other books in the series.

A copy of this story was provided to me for review.