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Tour for Gods of Merlin by Priya Ardis (Spotlight, excerpt, review, and GIVEAWAY) GFT


 Priya Ardis


GENRE: YA Fantasy Paranormal




Foster kid and occasional shoplifter Eowlyn Patience just wants to fit into her Boston high school. When the Sword In The Stone falls out of the sky like a meteor into the middle of London’s Trafalgar Square, everything changes. Then, an enigmatic golden-eyed man arranges for her to attend a school for the gifted in England, and the irritatingly perfect Matt Emrys from science class turns out to be Merlin—the Merlin, King Arthur’s greatest wizard.

Frozen in a cave for fifteen hundred years, Merlin has woken to find the next Arthur. Eowlyn Patience’s mysterious admittance to Avalon Preparatory was not something he foresaw…a disturbing aberration when his most powerful gift happens to be visions of the future.

The race to find the rightful heir rages between deadly gargoyles, wizards, and Regulars, but figuring out the troubled Eowlyn might be by-the-book Merlin’s hardest job yet. She’s altogether the wrong girl. Torn between what is right and what saves lives, will Eowlyn do what it takes to win—even if it means sacrificing Merlin to a god?



A gorgeous underwear-model of a man in a black suit cleaned his sword with a tissue. He threw the bloodied rag on top of the half-man, half-beast. I tensed as he reached inside his coat pocket, but he only took out a clipboard and black sunglasses. He put the sunglasses on. “Eowlyn Patience?”

A little dumbstruck, I nodded at the beautiful killer with blood on his face.

“Pretty name.” He smiled wistfully. “I once knew an Eowlyn.”

The comment knocked me out of my trance. “No one has ever heard of the name Eowlyn.”

He shrugged. “Surprise. Now, you have met me.”

I put my hands on my hips. “What do you want?”

He gave me an amused smile. “I will be your driver today. Don’t forget to grab your bags. We should leave now before you have any more visitors.”

I pointed to the corpse on the floor. “I am not going anywhere with you, serial killer.”

“Is that so? Let me be clear—I just saved your life. More hunters will be coming.” Black-Suit tucked a pencil behind his ear and the clipboard under his elbow. He stepped to the side and pointed at an idling black luxury sedan. “I’ll be waiting in the car. For when you change your mind.”

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Priya Ardis loves books of all kinds--but especially the ones which make your nose leak and let your chai go cold. Her novels come from a childhood of playing too much She-Ra and watching too much Spock. Her bestselling series, My Boyfriend Merlin, about Merlin going to high school is a YA contemporary fantasy and romance for those like road trips, wizards, Greek gods, and gender-bent quests.

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 My review:

3.75 out of 5 stars

Gods of Merlin by Priya Ardis is a young adult fantasy story that introduces the series of the same name. Eowlyn Patience has finally found a foster family that she is comfortable with, but she still doesn’t quite fit in with her peers at school. When she is forcibly recruited to join a quest that takes her to a magic school in England, she discovers that some of her classmates have more in common with her than she realized. Unfortunately, there are many forces at work, and discovering her connection to the stuff of legends embroils her in a struggle for the legendary sword Excalibur while trying to stay alive. Identifying foes and allies is virtually impossible when nobody is who they seem and she doesn’t even know why she’s in the middle of a world-changing conflict.

This engaging story was a nice twist on Arthurian legends, bringing many of the major characters into modern situations but keeping a magical twist to their trials. The hints of interference by gods from mythology add an intriguing dimension, and I hope subsequent stories in the series untangle some of the dangling threads that were established in this story. There are teen angst issues alluded to, including the awkward dance of attraction complicated by sibling (however old they may be) rivalry, and it was difficult for me to establish a connection to any of the characters at first, but that gradually changed.

I think it can be difficult to start a series because there are so many details that have to be established, but I’d like a little more depth to the characters so that I have a better idea of their motivations. There is apparently another series that came before this one, so it is possible that a lot of the backstory was presented in those books.

Those who enjoy magic or tales of King Arthur and young adult fantasy stories should give this a try and get to know these remarkable youngsters.

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  1. Great review, can't wait to check this one out! Thanks for the wonderful tour :)

  2. This sounds really interesting! Can't wait to read it! Love the cover! ❤

  3. i agree, starting a series can be filled with a lot of details in the first book, laying the groundwork for future books, but if i am going to read the entire series, that's just fine with me
    sherry @ fundinmental