Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Things to do while you're practicing social distancing...

Don't forget there are plenty of contests around...including the Spring Fling Giveaway at Night Owl Romance. There are other contests there as well.

There are multiple sites that are offering activities to help keep the kids (and adults) occupied while at home.

World Wildlife Fund has a Lesson Library with lots of great information.

I get outside several times a day to play with my garden and compost.
There was a nice article from the LA Times about what to plant in SoCal right now.
Garden Tutor has a free online course for the beginner gardener.

AFAR shared virtual museum tours, podcasts, and free concerts available. I didn't know about Google Arts & Culture, but wow, how fun to do a virtual tour of Yellowstone or to look around Rapa Nui and see those amazing statues of Easter Island.

I have multiple review books on deck...

I have also started this m/m series, thanks to the city library's e-book collection. It's a fascinating twist on shifters, with a human-shifter enforcement team that somehow seems to be pairing up despite the rules against fraternization. The author loves to end the books as cliffhangers, so I am grateful that the sequels are available (at least until I catch up to the 10th one, lol).




  1. I've been walking my dog a lot. There's less people out which is great for me.

    1. That's the silver lining in these dark clouds. The freeways were fantastic (except for the fools who think it's time to go 20+ mph OVER the speed limit). Stay safe, Mary!