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Winter Wonderland Gay Romance Giveaway reminder (ADULT titles)

Over 180 Gay Romance authors have come together to give you a post-holiday gift! Download brand new, exclusive stories from your favorite authors and new-to-you authors as well. Each story in this giveaway is a full, complete story that includes a gay romance (no samples, bonuses, or partial stories). Be sure to click each entry to learn more about the stories and download our free PROMO CHECKLIST to keep track of which ones you've downloaded and tried. We invite you to try new authors with this free promo. You never know if your new favorite author is just waiting to be discovered for free! Find the checklist as an entry in the giveaway below or download it here:: . If you would like the checklist in spreadsheet format (with tabs) you can find it here:


 Winter Wonderland giveaway is only going on for a couple of more days at this link

After that time, most of the titles will be available on Amazon. If links are available at the time of this post, I have included them below.


I am slowly working my way through some of the titles I downloaded. I have to be honest, I'm partial to Gabbi Grey's story, not only because I got to see it before it went out to the rest of the world, but because it made me love this couple even more.







Solstice Surprise


Gabbi Grey 


A blizzard, an urgent plea, a desperate journey, and the most important moment of their lives.

Action movie star Peter Erickson is spending the Christmas holidays ensconced with his in-laws and his new husband. In the wilds of Northern British Columbia, they are as far away from the bustle of the city as they can get.

Thomas Walsh and his famous husband are deeply in love. Although he prefers the intimacy of their city house, he’s come home to face the reason he left ten years ago, and to finally tell his parents the truth.

A desperate phone call has the couple scrambling. Will they get back to Vancouver in the middle of a snowstorm in time for their solstice surprise?







Best Beast


EJ Russell


Blurb: Being invisible makes it really hard to get laid.

When half-human Kai Schiffer steps into the Interstices—the post-creation gaps between realms—his supernatural half kicks in and he literally disappears unless…well, don’t ask.

But in a stroke (heh) of good fortune, Kai finally has a chance to show his face (and other parts, stars willing) to his long-time crush Jovan Kos—Interstitial Law Enforcement agent, wolf warrior, occasional berserker, and best man at their mutual best friends’ Imbolc wedding.

Jovan, who’s half in love with Kai already, is grateful his best man duties are light enough that he can focus all his attention on Kai. After all, with Enchanted Occasions Event Planning handling the Olesson-Pakulski wedding, what could possibly go wrong?


Amazon link


My review:

4.25 stars

Wonderful explanation for what threatened the Enchanted Occasions organization. Frighteningly funny look at what can go wrong with a wedding. What a sweetheart of a groom, poor guy. I love visiting the complex and magical world this author has created and as always, this can be read as a stand-alone story but it will whet your appetite for the rest of the adventures set in this wonderfully wacky alternative universe.





Winter Waites


Lucy Lennox



Gentry Kane is a rockstar I've been half in love with my whole life. And now he's my patient.

When Winter Waites knocks on the door to the snowy cabin where his next physical therapy patient awaits him, he has no idea his dream celebrity is on the other side. Gentry Kane is everything Winter has always fantasized about. But it was only a fantasy. What happens when Winter is faced with the flesh and blood man who wants more than physical therapy? Can one night in a cozy cabin lead to more? And how will that affect Winter's growing career in the tiny, charming town of Aster Valley?

Winter Waites is a 25k word standalone novella.


My review:

4.25 stars

Yum. Lovely introduction to a new series. Emotion, romance, a hunky music star, and a dedicated medical professional, with a glimpse of a wonderfully picturesque snowy hideaway. I look forward to the upcoming story!

Amazon link











Shock and Joy


BA Tortuga 



If Bonner knows anything, it's that rodeo cowboys don't belong on skis, a fact that proves itself all over again when he crashes into someone on the bunny slope. He's worried he's hurt somebody, or that he'll get his butt kicked, until he realizes he's taken down his old college roommate, Jared.

Rock star Jared can't believe Bonner has crossed his path, literally, but he's excited to get to know his favorite cowboy again. Things have changed for both of them, though, and they have a lot to learn about each other. Will Bonner's kids, or Jared's rock star life, be a deal-breaker? 



My review:


3.75 stars

Quick spicy second-chance romance. Great thumbnail picture of two guys who reconnect...on the bunny slope, of all places...and discover the old flame is burning just as intensely. 








Lucy Lennox



Colin’s Do’s and Don’ts for a Happy New Year: 

1. Do not develop a crush on your archnemesis, contractor Ryder Richards.

2. Do finish remodeling the heinous mega-mansion with him well before the first snowflakes fall on New Year’s Eve.

3. Do not notice that he's still the hottest man in Licking Thicket.

4. Do not let that gorgeous man provoke you.

5. Do not let his provocation distract you.

6. Do not let your distraction leave you stranded at the house with him during a blizzard.

7. Dear heavens, do not let him crack open the moonshine and light a fire.

8. Do not play drunken truth or dare with him.

9. And for gravy’s sake, do not let yourself fall in love.

10. But if you do… Don't be surprised if this is the happiest year ever.


My review:

4 stars

Quick sweet read set in the quirky town that houses so many unique individuals. Fun to get a look at the stars of the first two couples in the series from a different perspective. 

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