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Zebra's Day Out by Susan Polites and Gabrielle Scully (Spotlight, review, and GIVEAWAY) GFT



Zebra's Day Out


Susan Polites and Gabrielle Scully 


Illustrated by Rex Patrick




GENRE:   Children's






Zebra is excited when he hears that he will be going out to the cafe with Gabrielle and Gran. But there is a lot that Zebra still has to learn about days out. Is a cafe anything like the circus in the picture book? Will he like the food there? Will there be playing?







Zebra sprang from his seat and snatched the glass that the waiter was about to put on the table. After all, the waiter was holding out the glass towards him.


“Come back, you naughty Zebra!” shouted Gabrielle.


Everyone in the café turned and stared. Zebra threw the glass in the air. The waiter caught it again, just in time. He gave Zebra a very cross look. Zebra didn’t know why. He looked at his milkshake and wondered what it would taste like. He took a sip – quite nice at first – YUK! Zebra spat his mouthful across the room.


“I do NOT like milkshake!” he shouted. “And I don’t like coffee. Or muffins. All I want is grass!”


The café owner turned red with anger. Gran turned red with embarrassment. She quickly paid, and marched everyone out before the café owner could say anything. She looked very cross.




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AUTHOR Bio and Links:


Susan Polites is a freelance story-writer, and her ten-year-old granddaughter Gabrielle Scully likes writing stories too. When they spend days together they often share in the adventures of Gabrielle's toy-friends. During the pandemic lockdown in Melbourne they were unable to meet in person, so they decided to work together remotely and write down some of the toy-friends' adventures. Gabrielle's great-grandfather Rex Patrick, an architect and artist, had done a series of illustrations when he first heard about the adventures, and Gabrielle added some of her own drawings to make the story into an early-childhood picture book, and a family project.







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My review:


3.5 out of 5 stars



Zebra’s Day Out by Susan Polites and Gabrielle Scully is a whimsical children’s story about an outing that Grandma and Gabrielle went on, acccompanied by Zebra, Rainbow, and Lucy. Zebra was a bit naughty, but Gabrielle worked out a compromise so that everyone was happy.


The illustrations are vibrant, but an unusual combination of realistic-looking objects and impressionistic characters, and the story makes me think it’s an ongoing tale and this is just a quick snapshot of an adventure this group had together. I love that this book is a family collaboration and I think this book will help stimulate the imaginations of small children.



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