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Can't Think Straight by Isabel Scheck (VBT, excerpt, and GIVEAWAY) GFT



Can't Think Straight


Isabel Scheck




GENRE:   poetry/lgbtqia/romance






A collection of 35 poems in which a poet thinks about women a little too much... (Sapphic poetry)






Poem no. 7: Scary, Isn’t It?

I often think about how scary it is;

one minute you’re fine and the next

you’re yearning for a girl you’ve only just met. And the mere thought of her is enough to give you violent butterflies.

The more you get to know her

the more she becomes everything you think about.

The more you know her the funnier and prettier she becomes until the butterflies aren’t

only reserved for when she’s near;

they’re there forevermore.

I often think about how scary it is;

How is it that a singular person has that much of an effect on you?

It’s scary because you know that you’re giving her the power to break your heart if she so chooses.



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Isabel is a self-published author and artist who comes from England, but lives in Switzerland. She works with children, which she adores, but she also loves to write; especially in the genres of fantasy, poetry and romance. She uses experiences and images as inspiration to create words. Isabel also loves to express herself by drawing.

Instagram: Isabels_artwork

Tumblr: Hues-of-Purple

Twitter: IzzyS97


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