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Innocent Eyes by Gabbi Black (Spotlight and excerpt) ADULT title


Innocent Eyes

ADULT title


Gabbi Black

Hardworking university student Tarah Peters has observed tycoon Sebastian Merrick from her security guard post for weeks. Under his gaze, she experiences desire for the first time in her life, and his unexpected proposition both daunts and intrigues her. 

Sebastian doesn’t proposition women, but feels compelled to offer Tarah a place to live and money for her schooling while he introduces her to his darkly erotic world. Her naïveté calls to him, but he must maintain an emotional distance while showing her the meaning of submission.

Tarah yearns for Sebastian to admit he wants more than just a Dominant/submissive relationship, that their enthrallment is mutual. Can she convince him this might be more than just an affair?



She’s a diligent student.

He’s a masterful teacher.

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Exclusive Excerpt


Like clockwork, Big Tits reappeared at four a.m. Tarah held the door open for the woman, watching to make sure she made it to her cab. Although that service wasn’t in her job description, she believed prudence was important. It wouldn’t do to have one of Mr. Merrick’s companions get injured and sue the strata corporation.

After watching the taxi depart, she took in a deep lungful of frigid air before turning back to her desk.

Sebastian Merrick leaned against her console.

She stopped dead in her tracks.

“Good evening, Miss Peters.”

She froze, rooted to the spot. Never in her wildest dreams did she imagine he might know her name.

“Good evening, Mr. Merrick.” Morning had almost dawned, but she followed his lead. “How may I help you?”

His gaze was intense and unwavering.

Maintain eye contact. Don’t let him see how he affects you.

She tried to hold his gaze but, in the end, she couldn’t. His eyes were too incisive, too piercing.

“You get off work at six, yes?”

She swallowed convulsively. Damn dry throat. “That’s correct.”

“I’m taking you out to breakfast at six-fifteen.”

That would give her enough time to change from her uniform into street clothes. “That w-would be f-fine.” Stammer much?

He inclined his head and strode to the elevators. Of course, one waited for him. Even an elevator wouldn’t dare defy him.

When he disappeared into the car, and the doors slid shut, she let out the breath she hadn’t even been aware she’d been holding. Sitting because her legs couldn’t hold her any longer, she snickered because it never occurred to her to say no.





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