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Valentino in Vancouver by Gabbi Grey (Spotlight and excerpt)

Valentino in Vancouver 

Adult title
Gabbi Grey


Valentino in Vancouver Synopsis



When I need to get away from the heat in Los Angeles, I head to a friend’s house in Vancouver, Canada.  I just need to hide out. Oh, and that cute redhead? A mighty fine way to pass the time. Will this fling become something more by the time things cool down?


When I’m invited to my boss’s house for a party, I’m thrilled.  And nervous. Then I meet a guy who helps me relax. Even when I find out who he is, I keep coming back for more. Only it turns out I might be way over my head. Can I get out before I fall for him?




Hiding out may be the hottest thing he’s ever done.


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Excerpt 5

Finally, I headed outside. Opening the screen door with both hands full proved interesting, but I managed. I was shutting it when someone appeared to help. A petite someone. The sun was bright off the water in the pool, but I quickly figured out who it was. “Thanks, Julie.”

She smiled. “Of course.”

The woman was so beautiful she sometimes took my breath away. Almost-white blonde hair, stunning green eyes, and a smile as wide as any ever offered to me. She took the bowl of mixed nuts. But as she gazed into my eyes, she faltered.

“Is something wrong?”

“You’re very flushed. Did you walk here? Have you been out in the sun too long?” She pressed a hand to my forehead.

“Uh, no. I’m fine. I’m totally fine.”

“Thomas.” Her voice held a note of concern.

“No, really, I’m fine. Just the sunshine is bright and—”

Before I could offer more, my boss appeared. He removed his sunglasses, and the concern in his brown eyes was obvious.

“Really, I’m fine.” My brain was fried, and I’d just had a hand job, but really, I was fine.

Julie grabbed the other bowl from my hands, and then Thomas grabbed both mine in his.

I winced. Yep, scrubbed a little bit too hard.

He glanced down at my hands, then back up at my face.

Was I beet red? Undoubtedly.

“What’s going on?”

No missing Thomas’s concern.

“I just washed my hands before I got the nuts and chips.”

“Thomas, what’s going on?”

Great, now Peter was involved. Could this get any worse? The gorgeous movie star stood in the shallow end of the pool with a toddler in his arms. He was all slicked-back wet hair, muscular chest, and nice biceps. Basically sex on a stick. I’d overheard Thomas using that description—I didn’t think I was supposed to overhear—and I’d never use it myself. That being said, it fit perfectly.

“Something’s wrong, Peter.”

No, Thomas, nothing is wrong. Please believe me.

Something told me protestations and denials would only make things worse.

“Val.” Thomas whispered the name under his breath. So low I wasn’t even sure Julie heard it.

“No—” Crap. Val…Valentino… Yeah, probably the same guy. And something told me he wasn’t just the caterer.

“Hey, I brought salsa.” Valentino, no, Val, stepped onto the patio.

Thomas lunged for him, but Julie was faster.

I managed to grab the salsa bowl as she hauled him up. I honestly believed she was going to hit him—a move she could perfectly execute—but she spun him around, kicked him in the ass, and he went flailing into the pool.

She dusted off her hands.

I stood stunned.

Skylar clapped.

Oh my God, I want to die.



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USA Today Bestselling author Gabbi Grey lives in beautiful British Columbia where her fur baby chin-poo keeps her safe from the nasty neighborhood squirrels. Working for the government by day, she spends her early mornings writing contemporary, gay, sweet, and dark erotic BDSM romances. While she firmly believes in happy endings, she also believes in making her characters suffer before finding their true love. She also writes m/f romances as Gabbi Black and Gabbi Powell.


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