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A Fall of Light by L.J. Greene (Spotlight, excerpt, review, and GIVEAWAY) GFT ADULT title


A Fall of Light


LJ Greene



GENRE:  Contemporary M/M Romance





LJ Greene brings to life one of her most compelling characters: the sensitive, eccentric, bass guitarist, Greg Van de Meer. A Fall of Light weaves together the strands of Greg’s private and public lives—a shattering personal history, a love affair with potentially disastrous consequences, and family bonds that are stretched to their breaking point.



It’s been fifteen years since Greg was outed by his fundamentalist father at age sixteen and sent from home, with devastating consequences for both he and his younger brother, Asher. Now unlaid ghosts from the past are stirring. With his band’s success on the world stage, Greg’s life takes a complicated turn when he develops a friendship with Louis Angel, an ex-Marine with a secret of his own, and finds himself facing familiar threats from an unexpected source.


Strained loyalties, a private affair, and Greg’s own guarded history collide dangerously until a visit from an old foe forces him to confront past wounds and present beliefs. Allegiances are called into question and he must decide whether the secrets he’s fighting to protect are worth the life he’s finally ready to have.






He’d forgotten. Not just what it felt like to be touched by a man, but how much a part of him those desires truly were. He’d spent so much of his life in wary vigilance, rarely being able to fully enjoy his sexuality or even the fruits of his life. And he’d had so many blessings, but he was always wary. It was exhausting to be so wary.

He closed his eyes, and just for a moment, let himself imagine what it would be like to surrender to another person’s care. No, to Louis’s care, specifically; not some other’s. To Louis’s willingness to take care of him, to lean on him, as he seemed to want Greg to do. To be himself—fully himself—and to trust Louis to accept him, warts and all.

Louis’s face was now turned away, half buried in the white mounds of his pillow, his sleep-warm arms clutching it.

I’m afraid, he explained to him, in his thoughts. I’m afraid I’m going to fall . . . to get used to this, he corrected himself firmly, and you’re going to decide that being with a man—or being with me—isn’t what you imagined it to be. “I told you,” he whispered softly aloud, “I’m not a casual person. And I’m afraid that I won’t be able to be casual about you.”

A soft snore was his only answer. He leaned over, breathing in the musky sweetness of that firm, smooth shoulder, and pressed a small, loving kiss there.

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LJ Greene is a self-professed obsessive multi-tasker who writes boring stuff by day and lets her inner romantic fly by night.  This California native is married to the most amazing man and has two beautiful children, now old enough to read her books but still not interested because of the ew, gross factor. She’s an avid reader of all genres with an embarrassingly large ebook collection, and a weird penchant for reading the acknowledgements at the end of a novel.  She’s also a music lover with no apparent musical talent, a travel enthusiast, and a cheese connoisseur.



Twitter: @authorljgreene



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My review:

3.75 stars


“A Fall of Light” by L.J. Greene follows the evolution of the relationship that develops between a rock star with a troubled past and the man who is supposed to make sure he is safe. In addition to the stresses of being in the closet, there are also dangers from the past that threaten to undermine everything these two are building together.


This adult contemporary gay romance provides encouragement and inspiration for those who have to fight to overcome dysfunctional families and censure from those who should support them. I love that these two find a way to get past their insecurities and learn to trust each other, even as I cringe at the betrayal and emotional blackmail that is all too familiar to those of us who deal with toxic people. I was able to relate to the characters easily and became invested in their journey, and I like the fact that some of the others in the band seem to be destined to get their lives featured as well. I hope to see this couple featured again some time, so we can catch up on what they’re doing.


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  1. Thank you so much for hosting and reviewing today's book.

  2. I really like the cover of this book!

  3. Hi E! Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review A Fall of Light! It's wonderful to have you on my tour again! And I'm with you - toxic people are the worst, and it's particularly difficult when they are family. In AFOL, Greg has several relationships that are damaged: one he repairs, one for which acceptance and forgiveness are the best outcome, and one that is simply not salvageable. But that's kind of the way life is. When it comes to the MCs however, as a romance writer I've sworn an oath at a crossroads at midnight to give them the happiest of HEAs and it was so incredibly gratifying to do that. Particularly in the current environment. Thank you so much for giving indie authors like me a platform to add our voices to the mix. I am so grateful. Warmly, LJ Greene