Friday, June 15, 2012

Contests and giveaways update June 25, 2012

Those of you who like Coach bags...there is a contest for a Coach purse wristlet on Lisa Renee Jones' website at this link to promote her sale of The Legend of Michael (part of her Zodius series).

Admittedly, some of these take more time than others (no, I will not comment on how much time I have wasted on these...let's just say that I had to renew a couple of my library books, lol).

Night Owl Reviews has a daily contest, blog contests (2 different blogs, don't forget to look at both).  Link to contest page. And a scavenger hunt! Link

The Romance Reviews has e-book giveaways regularly at this link.

Fresh Fiction has monthly and sometimes daily contests at this link.

Author Bronwyn Evans has a pretty impressive blog hop with a very nice contest to promote her new book, Invitation to ScandalLink.  (sorry, haven't read that one yet...but it does sound delightful)

Writerspace has monthly contests at this link.

There's also a Sharing My Favorite Book blog hop taking place at this link.

This doesn't begin to address the countless other blog contests that are out there...however one does have to leave a few hours to actually read!


  1. Oh goodness, there are contests and giveaways all over the place and I do love them. I spend way to much time entering contests..but winning is just too much fun not to enter them.

  2. Unfortunately, I don't always remember to go back and finish some of the more involved ones (haven't actually done the web hunt for Night Owl yet)...but hopefully will get it done before the deadline!