Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lies & Omens

Lies & Omens  
by Lyn Benedict is part of her 'Shadow Inquiries' series which features private investigator Sylvie Lightner and her VERY complicated life.  Ideally, one should read the first few volumes in the series in order to understand the backstory for this heroine who tries to 'do the right thing' but nevertheless runs afoul of the various factions in her world.  I find the series a little confusing because multiple pantheons of gods are fighting which naturally means their respective followers are wreaking havoc with the world and with each other.  There is also the issue with everyone in Sylvie's life being pretty much tortured in one respect or another, not to mention what has happened to the physical world after any conflict that Sylvie has been involved in.  Those who have read my "What Makes an Awesome Book" post (link) will understand when I say that these books definitely don't fit into the criteria for number 6, lol.  I definitely don't have a warm fuzzy feeling after reading these but I AM impressed with the imagination that goes into the melding of all of these pantheons and paranormal creatures.

Again, I think that this is another series that would be best read from the beginning to appreciate the nuances but speaking from personal experience, I am not sure that one would be totally clear on what is going on even having read all of the books (which I have).  I am thrilled that my Night Owl reviews were quoted in a couple of the books (it is always startling to read reviews and think, hmm...that sounds familiar) even though I don't get credited as an individual except on the website itself. The series starts with Sins & Shadows and continues with Ghosts & Echoes then Gods & Monsters.  You probably will need to take a break between them to let your brain stop buzzing at all of the action and the difficulty of deciding whether you have sympathy or irritation with some of the characters.

My Amazon review for this title is at this link under ELF2060.  As usual, I appreciate 'yes, this was helpful' votes.  My Night Owl reviews for the previous titles in the series are available at this link.

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