Sunday, July 28, 2013

Brush With Catastrophe (Adult title)

Brush With Catastrophe:  Book 2 of the Aloysius Tales    

Brush with Catastrophe is an ADULT m/m erotica paranormal romance tale that continues the saga featuring characters introduced in Spell Cat (featured in post at this link) as well as new charismatic men who become integral to the society of witches.  Sammy is an artist who inexplicably adopted by Aloysius, the cat familiar usually seen with Witch Master Killian even as his best friend Alvish transforms into a being who would rather be called Ryder.  Sammy’s prophetic paintings will play a key role in the events that are about to take place, even as his relationship with the BFF he has lusted after goes through its own radical changes.  The question is whether anything will ever be the same for any of the witches and their friends after a new witch named Lucien comes to town and shakes everything up.

This was another great addition to an imaginative series that combines witchcraft, college life and magic in a very spicy read.  The delightful characters which populate this universe are sexy and caring and remarkably humble, despite their exotic powers.  The romances are often fraught with danger and the risk of rejection as the characters search for partners who will accept them for who they are but the struggle is always fascinating to read as realistic occurrences are intermixed with magical complications.  I love Al the cat as a character and look forward to reading more of his adventures in the third title in the series, Cataclysmic Shift.

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