Sunday, July 21, 2013

Free reads and a couple of bargains


Don't forget, if you join XOXO After Dark (part of Simon and Schuster), they have free reads every month.  This month it looks like Molly Harper's Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs, Karen Hawkins' The Taming of a Scottish Princess, Laura Griffin's Snapped (a yummy romantic suspense!, my review is at this link), Karen Robards' Justice, Jennifer Echols' Levitating Las Vegas

Now, I am preparing this post a few days in advance so it is possible that these titles will change by the time this goes live but still, who can complain when there are new yummy books to read for FREE?  You will have to register on the site but make sure you wander around, there are interesting posts, including one that explains this recently seen category, New Adult Romance (my private definition is that there is a little spice but not the quantity found in erotic romance, a little sex but not overtly carnal).

Also, if you haven't seen it elsewhere...there is a wonderful introduction to the first book in several series for a remarkable price, $0.99  Please click on the cover to access.  (IF you purchase on that visit, I will get credit for the click so thank you!)  No idea how long this will last, so don't procrastinate!  How can you go wrong with books by Shayla Black, Lisa Renee Jones,
and the other set has Marie Harte, Carrie Ann Ryan, Cari Quinn and Jayne Rylon


She Does Know Jack by Donna Michaels is free on Amazon right now.

And don't forget the DFRAT (digital first read-a-thon) that is going can start at Tracy's Place but there are other blogs such as Book Binge also participating.

Happy reading!


  1. Thanks for the heads up on those, I know a few people that will love that.

    1. Good. And I see from your blog that you are SLOWLY being converted, lol. Maybe one of these titles will help continue the transformation. I gradually had to get used to reading e-books...and I am not always thrilled, especially when the formatting makes the font come out erratically but I have to admit, it sure makes it easier to take several books with me on trips!

  2. Your post always have fun useful things :) Thank you!

    1. You're very welcome, hope you find something new to love!