Friday, August 9, 2013

Contests, bargains and giveaways (updated)

Adult titles

Rebound by Sabrina York is available for $.99
(also at Smashwords at this link)


Burn With Me by R.G. Alexander is on sale everywhere right now for pre-orders!
It’s on sale at Amazon (please click cover above)

It’s on DOUBLE sale at Samhain for an additional 30% off the already reduced pre-order/new release price if you enter the code “SCHOOLDAYS” at checkout!

(I am reading and enjoying it now, review to follow!)

Randi Alexander and friends have 6 novels for only $.99

The Cowboy 6 Pack   (and, whew, what a cover!)

Update:  There is a contest also associated with this fantastic bargain...visit Randi Alexander's blog at this link!

Randi also still has A Gentleman and a Cowboy available for free!

Sabrina York has a new title out, Smoking Holt, that is only $.99 as well!

and there is a combo featuring Elisabeth Naughton and friends called Wicked Firsts for preorder at only $.99 as well!

There's a Read-a-Romance month slew of contests at this link.

Bliss (part of Entangled) is celebrating a 1 year anniversary, there are different events.  Link.

The Jewels of Historical Romance has a monthly contest.  Link
(and, even better, they have a free book on Amazon, Jewels of Historical Romance)

Romance Books 4 Us has a Heat Up Summer contest.  Link.

 There are plenty of other contests going on as well!  Good luck!


  1. Thanks for letting us know about those.

  2. You're welcome, unfortunately, time constraints are preventing me from wandering around as much as I'd like to...but there are plenty of great contests going on right now and lots of lovely bargains to take advantage of!

  3. Thanks for reminding us about all the fun contest and bargains :) I always know where to visit to find out the latest contest.

    1. Just like the many contests, so little time, lol.