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Wolf Sirens: Forbidden (Tour, giveaway and review)


Wolf Sirens, Discover the Legend:  Forbidden
by Tina Smith

Publisher: Indie

Date: July 2012

Genres: Paranormal/fantasy/romance/suspense

When Lila unwillingly moves to the country town of Shade, she can’t imagine the life-altering events that lie in wait for her.  Shade has a curfew and has always been surrounded by myths. A central feature of the town is its famous statue of Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt, whose spirit is said to protect the innocent.

  Lila falls in with a group of intriguing teenagers with luminescent eyes and soon she is drawn into the shadowlands of fantasy and reality, where destiny collides.

  A mysterious local girl, Cresida, warns her to stay away, but Lila is drawn to them like a moth to a flame.  
Cresida knows their fatal secret and she is honour-bound to protect those who are endangered.  But she underestimates Lila’s passion for the mysterious and charismatic clan of youths.

Lila begins to feel a call she cannot ignore.  Yet her heart is filled with vulnerable desires that begin to turn the underworld upside down, for both hunter and hunted, as she learns they have been waiting for her…

Inspired by the legend of the mythical femme fatale, Wolf Sirens is an intimate tale of unrequited and forbidden love in the underworld, a masterpiece of romance fantasy.

A compelling debut novel about how love and fate chooses you. Inspired by Grecian demigod Artemis and the mythical femme fatale, Wolf Sirens is sure to enthrall all lovers of the fantasy, romance genre.

About the Author:

  Tina Smith is an herbalist, dog lover, Piscean and mother with a fondness for strong female protagonist's. A love of the fantasy genre and the deep exploration of dark and evocative subjects inspired Wolf Sirens Forbidden.  The sequel Fever further unfolds the tale of the heroine femme fatale, on her journey in the underworld between the lands of myth and reality.

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My review:

Wolf Sirens:  Discover the Legend:  Forbidden by Tina Smith is the first title in a paranormal series that is geared for the young adult audience.  A young high school student named Lila Crain moves with her mother to the town of Shade and struggles to find her place in both school and town.  Uneasy undercurrents complicate the already angst-filled challenge of finding her place and the discovery that there are such things as werewolves and Hunters make it even more difficult to distinguish between true friendships and manipulative relationships.  Lila’s life gets increasingly complicated and when death and severe bodily harm become all too likely, she will have to decide what her purpose in life truly is...before she becomes the next victim.

There are interesting concepts in this young adult paranormal tale but the story seems a little disjointed and erratic to me.  The overall angst of being a youngster in a new school and the struggle to find one’s place in the pecking order is nicely conveyed but the shifting allegiances and complex relationship between the role of hunter and werewolf is still a puzzle to me.  The underlying pressure that will result in even more deaths is not quite clear as it seems that there is both an innate and an exterior force shaping the heroine’s actions and causing her to be both catalyst and a product of the power struggle taking place within the clique she strives to join.  The interactions with the neighboring pack, the cause for the disappearances in town and the anticipated result of her training with her self-appointed mentor are all still muddled for me.  I also didn’t like the duplicity of her interaction with one of the pack members whom she uses as a stand-in for another although I realize that it may just reflect normal teen indecisiveness.  I think that there are great underlying themes to this tale but that the story is just a little too convoluted at this time and hope that subsequent tales work out some of the inconsistencies and provide better exposition.  For me, this was an adequate light read.

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