Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hope Ignites by Jaci Burton (review)


Hope Ignites by Jaci Burton is part of the ‘Hope’ series and contrasts the lives of Logan McCormack, a rancher whose life is turned upside down by Desiree Jenkins, the actress who is starring in a movie being filmed on his property.  Contrary to his expectations, the superstar is casual and forthright, and unashamed to impart her desires, including the fact that she wants Logan and is willing to engage in an intensely lusty relationship with him.  Unfortunately, Logan has a thick wall around his heart and finds many reasons to try to keep Desiree from deepening their relationship enough to make him feel vulnerable again.  Can a woman who is an expert at projecting make believe find a way to reach the man who refuses to embrace the concept of happy ever after?

This is a wonderful contemporary erotic romance that celebrates the importance of being true to oneself.  These two characters communicate instantly with their bodies in a deliciously spicy manner but it takes much longer to work through the insecurities of any new relationship, especially with the emotional baggage that each must deal with.  This author creates wonderful depth to her characters and provides a wealth of secondary stories which draw one into the story and make the reader feel like these people could be friends and neighbors.  The contrast between the warmth of small town atmosphere and the hectic, sometimes insane environment that surrounds the movie industry gives this story a nice texture, as does the secondary story of costar Colt and his challenges.  Despite the fact that this can be read as a stand-alone, I enjoyed the glimpses of characters who were evidently the key figures in the first in the series, “Hope Flames”, and I look forward to reading many more tales by this author set around the small town of Hope, Oklahoma.

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