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Sail to the Moon by Lynne Connolly (review) ADULT title


Sail to the Moon by Lynne Connolly is part of the delicious ‘Nightstar’ (ADULT) series that explores the lives of the members of the Murder City Ravens band. Centered on Zazz, this story explores his tumultuous background and follows his burgeoning relationship with the persistent social worker, Laura, who is assigned to his father’s case and has been interacting with Zazz over the internet for a couple of years. Neither expects the person they meet in real life but they have to learn to truly communicate before they can get past their misconceptions and that may be an obstacle neither can overcome.

This wonderfully descriptive contemporary erotic romance series follows a group of larger than life musicians as they each find love. It is fascinating to me that this author is able to provide such depth and texture in the all too short novellas that comprise this series even as she explores the different backgrounds that have formed these charismatic band members. The evocative descriptions keep one mesmerized by this group that “blended and merged, then spiked out in counterpoint, but worked together as if telepathic.” There is a grittiness to these stories which acknowledges the difficulty of remaining grounded in a culture that tends to be casual about both drugs and sexual liaisons and explores the damage that lack of responsibility can wreak on the individual and the group. There are delightful glimpses of characters featured in previous stories as well as tempting hints about others who will hopefully get their own turn in the spotlight. I love the idea of the phrase “completing a circuit” to describe the perfect meshing when one finds that special someone and the support and loyalty that the various bandmates give unquestioningly to one another adds to their allure for me. Even though I have no experience with the music or some of the cultures that are featured in these stories, I am still fascinated by this glimpse behind the scenes and I always anxiously await the next in the series. I sincerely hope there will be many more stories about these fascinating folks.
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I received a copy of this title in return for an honest review. 

I love this series and have had the very great pleasure to have read all 5 stories thus far.  I had the fortune to get the first book to review...and made a point of searching out the rest because I was so enthralled by these complicated and sensual characters.  I don't usually like stories that are weighted heavily with angst but these are so well-written that I am both sympathetic to their issues even as I root for them to overcome their demons.  There are intriguing twists to the various stories and I like the way each couple finds a solution that works for them.



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