Saturday, July 5, 2014

interesting things

I hope everyone who celebrates had a wonderful 4th of July or Canada Day!  I am a little inundated with things so I will just share a few of the links to yahoo articles that I have found interesting over the past weeks.  In addition to everything else, I found out that the new Deborah Harkness book, The Book of Life: A Novel (All Souls Trilogy) is about to be released and needs a review.  Eek...I haven't read the second one yet!  It slipped through my greedy clutches despite the fact that I loved the first I am frantically trying to shoehorn enough time to get this VERY long story read so I can catch up to the series.  (yeah, not a bad problem to have, I know)


My review for the first in the series, A Discovery of Witches, is at this link.

Interesting sites that I have visited on yahoo...leave a comment and let me know what you think of them!


  1. I read the first book but not the other two. I definitely want to read these.---Rae

    1. Like you, Rae, the challenge will be finding enough time to get to them, lol. Thank you for visiting!