Saturday, May 9, 2015

World Almanac and Book of Facts, 2015 edition (review)

The World Almanac and Book of Facts 2015 is a mind-bogging collection of details about a myriad of subjects. It is an interesting resource for a society that has become dependent on using the internet search engines because it also can provide a wondrous combination of facts to the casual browser. I was startled to flip open a page and discover the answer to a trivia question that I had just searched—with far less trouble than I had looking online. There are a couple of sections with color photos (although there is one person included who I think should be allowed to sink into well-deserved obscurity), color maps of the various countries of the world, and lists of a remarkably varied number of subjects…including words that will come in handy on crossword puzzles. 

I think that anyone with a ‘curiosity bump’ would be entertained for many long hours with this book, but especially those with school-age children would appreciate this reference work. The print is theoretically larger in this volume, but I think that it is necessarily difficult to balance font size with the impact upon volume size as this is definitely a hefty tome although quite lightweight for its size. I was amazed to discover a list of celebrity birthdates and birthplaces, a breakdown of which companies are part of such things as the Dow Jones Industrial Average, a list of the prize winners for various literature medals, Nobel Prizes, etc., as well as a directory for various Associations and Organizations. What a fun and educational book!

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