Thursday, May 14, 2015

Twisted by Cynthia Eden (Review) TBT

I had the lovely opportunity to have a guest post and excerpt from Cynthia Eden last month at this link.

Now, it is my pleasure to offer my review.

4.5 out of 5 stars

Twisted by Cynthia Eden is the tale of a search for a missing girl that involves the Last Option Search team (L.O.S.T.) but morphs into a far more sinister and complex case that threatens both those directly involved and the satellite people who are drawn in.  Emma Castille has managed to carve a safe niche for herself in New Orleans, until she gets drawn into a case that will require her to not only use her powers of observation but will also cause her to risk everything she values.  Dean Bannon has found a way to move on with his life and has found a new profession but he is still overshadowed by his past and his skepticism and distrust make it difficult to accept the attraction he feels for the woman who becomes pivotal to the case he is investigating, if he can keep her alive long enough.

There are some stories that draw you in and ratchet up the tension until you are wincing as the action unfolds yet can’t wait to find out how things will turn out.  This was one of those, and even better, it was filled with fascinating people who are multilayered, have plenty of demons of their own, yet have an ideal that coerces them to go on, despite the obstacles they encounter.  This story stands alone as a compelling and intense thriller that has lots of unexpected twists and turns, yet makes one intrigued enough to look for others in the series.  Although there were a few areas that were a bit illogical for me and a couple of areas of predictability, one becomes invested in the story so much that they don’t matter because it’s a great read.  Be warned, this is not a tale for those who are squeamish as there is a fair amount of blood and gore, but I definitely want to read the story that started the series and will be anxiously awaiting additional adventures involving these intriguing characters.

A copy of this title was provided for my honest review

First in the series:


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